5 Questions About "High School Musical: The Musical: The Series" We're All Asking

Disney+ launched yesterday full of Disney movies, old tv shows, and new original content. Disney+ original content included "Lady and The Tramp," "Forky Asks a Question," and "High School Musical: The Musical: The Series."

Many fans with a subscription took to watching these new shows yesterday. There is no surprise the most widely discussed show, is the new "High School Musical" series. After watching the first episode I was left with a lot of questions.

1. Why could it not be called "High School Musical: The Series"?

While I understand where the titles come from in the series, all I can think about is how ridiculously long it is. Personally, I find that it would have been much easier to simply call it "High School Musical: The Series."

2. Will we see any returning characters?

As of right now, there have been no appearances from returning movie characters with the exception of a few glimpses at the actual DVD. Fans remain hopeful that at least one star will appear for a cameo. Although, I find it rather disappointing they would simply be playing themselves and not reprising the roles of their original characters.

3. What would Ms. Darbis' solo look like?

For all those who have already watched the first episode, you probably heard Miss Jenn reference a future solo by the character of Ms. Darbis. This made me wonder what a solo from Ms. Darbis would have looked like in the original movie. Whatever it maybe I am certain it is nothing but fabulous.

4. Will we continue to see references to the original movie throughout?

The series has already included a few nods to the original movie by featuring clips of the movie throughout but how will this continue as the series progresses? I can only hope they continue to sprinkle in the movie references throughout the series.

5. Where are the rest of the episodes?

Following the lead of some other online original content creators, Disney has decided to release episodes weekly. While I wish all of the episodes were dropped at once, I understand why they chose to do this. So if you have already watched the first episode be patient, more will be available next week.

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