5 Makeup Products You Need Going Into Spring 2021
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5 Makeup Products You Need Going Into Spring 2021

As March approaches and the chill of winter is finally coming to an end, light and vibrant make up looks are a necessity. It is now more important than ever to find affordable products that won't make your skin break-out when it begins to warm up.

Girl Testing out Naked Palette

Listed below are some of the newest product purchases I have made to add to my collection that I have been loving and products I was recommended by other makeup obsessed Youtubers. Before buying any formula, read the ingredients to make sure they work well with your skin.

1. Bite Beauty Mini Mascara

Small dog wearing fake eyelashes

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This adorable pinky size mascara is the best on the go product to carry with you to work and class. It gives your lashes a full look without running or causing clumpy patches. It is currently sold at Sephora running at $14.00.


2. Tarte SEA Breezy Cream Blush

Baby blushing

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I have been buying Tarte products for years now and this newly released special edition blush is now my go-to for a rosy cheek look. The cream base is helpful when my skin is dry. The product comes in three different shades and is meant to be used with your finger as an applicator so no need to buy a brush! The container is a beautiful sea foam color. The product is running at $27.


3. Naked Palette by Urban Decay

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In my opinion, Urban Decay Naked Palette's have the best shades and most pigmented color formulas compared to many other brands sold at Sephora. The newest combination of shadow colors is called the "Wild West". The palette includes beautiful gold and sparkly green colors. It is sold at Sephora and Ulta online.


4. Buxom Babes On The Go Plumping Lip Gloss Set

Lip gloss lips

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If you are looking for a lip plumper that actually works and does not just tingle, Buxom has the best formula that actually makes your lips more full. A limited edition duo lip gloss set with both pink and clear are now being sold for $15 at Sephora.


5. The Original MakeUp Eraser

Woman taking her makeup off

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These reusable makeup eraser pads are my holy grail of environmental conscious products. The set comes with seven different pads for everyday and are all different colors of the rainbow. When the cloths get dirty, I usually throw them in the wash and all the stains come off. This cute mini set is the perfect gift and is currently on sale for $25.


Check out these Sephora product sales and special edition deals under their "New" section. Local drugstores also sell great dupes if you are looking to be more money conscious in 2021.

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