If you're like me, you like to start decorating for Christmas the second you can, even if it's not socially acceptable to be decorating so early. BUT none the less Thanksgiving festivities get my brain going with all sorts of fun ideas for Christmas decorations. While shopping through Pinterest I came across a bunch of cool tree's decorated to my geeky taste!

Here's my top 5 ! :

1. This Cute Marvel Tree

I think my favorite part of this tree is that all of the ornaments are over animated and it gives a cute vibe to the action packed characters like Spider-Man and Captain America that lay all over it.

2. This Darth Vader Tree

I mean come on, they turned the TREE into him!

3. This Dr. Who Fan who turned their tree into a Dalek

Better watch out! This tree might try to EXTERMINATE you in your own home!

4. This Harley Quinn inspired tree

that even has The Joker begging at her feet underneath it!

and last but not least, as if you thought I wouldn't include this one...

5. A Harry Potter Tree

complete with Hedwig guarding the top and the Hogwarts Express riding around the middle.

These are just some of the cool themes I came across, but there are SO many more ideas out there.

What are your favorite tree themes? Leave me some ideas in the comments!