Planning for spring break!? Here are some fun games for those who are kids at heart! Here are five games that are perfect for inflight entertainment as well as a boring delay.

1) Guess Who

Almost Makes Perfect crafted a lovely tutorial for a personalized Guess Who game. Looks more stable than the plastic version, which will hold up during pesky turbulence.

Click here to create.

2) Cards

Cards are an easy way to stay entertained for hours! There are are multiple two player games that can provide you guys with fun.

Click here for some two player games.

3) Checkers or Chess

DVD cases won't occupy much space or weight in your onboard luggage. You have an option to play chess or checkers in this upcycled DIY.

Click here to create chess.

Click here to create checkers.

4) Pocket Pool

Altoid tins are perfect for creating miniature games to go. Battle your plane partner in a game of pool. Just don't play during turbulence!

Click here for directions.

5) Zombie Dice

This game would be fun while you're waiting at the gate to board.

Click here to purchase the game.

Hope you have a safe and fun plane tip!