5 Fun Things You Can Do On Zoom
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5 Fun Things You Can Do On Zoom

It does not always have to be school work.

5 Fun Things You Can Do On Zoom

Online classes are full speed ahead for most colleges in the United States. Most universities are using Zoom as their preference for video meetings. Zoom is a great opportunity for something educational and also for fun. Here are five fun things you can do on Zoom outside of the classroom.

Play Charades


While you may not be able to see people in person, you can see them via video chat where you can play a variety of games including charades.

Watch Netflix With Others


With the power of a Google chrome extension, you can watch Netflix with others through the Netflix Party application.

Sing Karaoke


Let your imagination run wild and sing karaoke with friends over video.

Book Clubs


A lot of students are having extra free time at home which allows them to catch up on reading. If you're in a book club, video chats are a great way to continue the club.

Throw A Virtual Party


Grab the wine and turn the music up, throw yourself a virtual party to have some fun and you might even forget that your friends are not there in person.

There is an endless list of things you can do on Zoom to have fun. Do not let social distancing get in the way of your enjoyment. We will all get through this together.

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