If you're that person that loves to just hit the pavement running "Forrest Gump Style," then I salute you. Because I...am not. I hate anything that makes my heart pump at an uncomfortable pace, and anything that makes sweat exude from my pores. On the other hand, I love feeling fit, healthy, and happy. So what's a girl to do? These fitness trends got my rear and gear and happier than ever! Not everyone loves to lift weights grunting, or run until their legs fall off. Don't fret, there is workout for everyone! Here are the latest fitness trends in 2017:

1. Spin Class ...in the dark

I was TERRIFED to try a spin class. Think about it, you are on a bike that isn't going anywhere, really fast, with weights, standing up, all while someone is yelling at you to go even faster. I'm sorry what did I sign up for? TBH ...it was one of the most fun workouts I have ever tried. The lights are off, the music is blaring, it is like being in an awesome nightclub, except way less sketchy. This class is definitely for the ones who like to party.

2. Buti Yoga

This yoga class will get your BOOTY moving (pun intended). Your typical yoga movements mixed with cardio-intensive tribal dance. So get ready to unleash your inner Beyonce with sexy primal movements and fat-burning cardio. Watch your confidence soar as let loose and have fun!

3. CrossFit

Yes, CrossFit has been around for quite a few years now, but its popularity is only increasing. There are 3 main reasons CrossFit maintains such a passionate following; Strength, Social, and Accomplishments. CrossFit has this unique environment that encompasses teamwork and hardship. When groups of people endure physical challenges, it tends to bind them together. Add kinship with achieving insane physical goals, and you have a recipe for an obsession.

4. Workout Apps

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is 2017! We are busy as hell and if we somehow find a minuscule amount of time to drag our butts to the gym, well thats a miracle in itself. People want fitness and results, and they want them now! With apps like DailyBurn and Beachbody programs, health nuts can workout any time any where, and that is pretty freakin awesome!

5. Boutique Fitness

Some people don't like the gym and PSA, that's okay! It can be embarrassing, confusing, and time consuming. At a Boutique Fitness center the atmosphere is more intimate, with small group classes, personal trainers, and nutrition coaching to help clients achieve their goals. They take out all of the stress factors and serve a healthy lifestyle to you on a silver platter. #SignMeUp