5 Fashion Trends to Try Out This Fall
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5 Colors You Should Totally Add To Your Palette This Fall

Spolier: We're going brighter.

5 Colors You Should Totally Add To Your Palette This Fall
Fall is getting brighter — try out these colors in your fall wardrobe:

1. Yellow

We typically see darker hues of yellow during the fall but this year we are see brighter hues and unique ways!

2. Blues

Blue isn't usually on the fall color palette but since bold colors are making their way into this season, blue is a great color to incorporate into your wardrobe

3. Red

The classes color that reminds us of the reason. Catch me wearing red always!

4. Orange

Just like yellow, we are use to seeing a different, darker shade of orange. We of course think of orange during this season because of the leaves and halloween but this year the color is becoming more pastel and sometimes even bold.

5. Purple

It may be just me, but I think of purple as a color for Easter but this year we're adding it into our color palettes for fall and I'm (low-key) here for it!

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