From the food and drinks to the outdoor activates, Brazil offers so much. I recently just got back from Brazil, and fell in love with many things. I went there for two weeks and had an amazing time. I got to experience all different types of new foods and experiences. I wanted to share a few of the best parts of Brazil.

1. Guarana soda

If you’ve never had it, you need to try it pronto. It is my new favorite soda. It’s made from the guaraná fruit. It is hard to come by in the USA. But if you’re in Brazil it is found everywhere.

2. Pedra da Gavea Hike

I took a hike up to pedra da gavea. It is a mountain in Rio that has a hike that lasts over two hours up and down. It was the hardest hike or activity I’ve ever done. It was exhausting and strenuous. However the views from the top were unbelievable. There’s a rock-climbing portion that is around 30 meters. However, you can strap in or you can free climb like I did.

3. Pão de Queijo

It is one of the best food items I’ve ever consumed. It is a roll of bread with cheese in it. It is sold almost anywhere in Brazil. It is better warm, however if consumed when it’s cooled, it’s still delicious.

4. The Beaches

Obviously, Brazil is known for their beaches and their beach life culture. The beaches in Brazil are beautiful and each beach has a unique quality. One beach we went to was not busy with tourists and had locals all working out or laying on the beach. Other beaches, like Copacabana was packed with people and offered soccer goals and beach volleyball nets. At the Copacabana, there were hundreds of people selling anything you can think of.

5. Acai Bowls

They are found everywhere in Brazil. No matter where you are at you can find an acai bowl. It is made from the acai fruit. It is usually served with granola and either bananas or strawberries on the top. It is a mix between a smoothie and sorbet.

Brazil was an amazing country and I enjoyed every minute of it. I wish I got to experience more of what Brazil has to offer. However, the best part of Brazil, was the people. The Brazilian citizens are amazing and care so much. They are so kind. I loved my stay and I can’t wait to go back.