Getting Pregnant And Having An Abortion Isn’t Irresponsible — It's Proactive
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Getting Pregnant And Having An Abortion Isn’t Irresponsible — It's Proactive

Sex isn't illegal, so lets stop thinking women should live with the consequence of getting pregnant

Getting Pregnant And Having An Abortion Isn’t Irresponsible — It's Proactive

In 1973 the United States won the fight for women's autonomy in the case Roe v. Wade, giving women the freedom of abortion. Prior to 1971, there was 1,000 cases of illegal abortions documented in the the US.

Women using coat hangers and other dangerous method to self-abort, leaving in some cases themselves sterilized or dead. Abortion gave women a chance to have a say when they become mothers and with who they will have father their child. If someone gets pregnant they have options: raising the child, adoption and abortion. Each option is valuable and should not be discouraged. Having an abortion is a valuable option.

Roe v. Wade is a blessing.

Other countries, such as Venezuela, are left with high sterilization and self-abortion rates from girls trying to not get pregnant due to the lack of contraceptives provided in the country. Having Roe v. Wade is giving women a second chance in life. Getting pregnant is not a mistake, it's something that is natural and can easily happen if the right forms of contraceptives are not taken. But guess what, even if he uses a condom and you are on the pill….your eggo can still become pregnant. Opps. It happens, the pill is only only 99% effective if used properly, that means 1 in every 100 women who have used it perfectly are going to end up with a plus sign on a pee stick. This probably was not part of their life plan. Having an abortion is not a cover up for an irresponsible mistake you made, it's giving you a chance to fix it.

The purpose of intercourse is for reproduction.

We all have heard the birds and the bee story from middle school. But let's talk about sex. From Oral to Vaginal to Anal...its a way people are expressing their sexuality. If done correctly, it's something healthy and can be beneficial towards people. However, for someone who is young ( or maybe young in mind) they can choose the wrong person to be sleeping with. Maybe they are cute and sweet, but are they really daddy material? Probably not. Not emotionally, not financially and certainly they don't have the experience. And you? Or you really mommy material? You are young. You have your whole future ahead of you. Getting pregnant and choosing to have the child isn't not your death sentence. But, it's going to put strains and put your life on hold for the next 18 years and nine months. Are you really ready for that commitment? Chances are you can't even commit to a favorite ice cream flavor yet. And you shouldn't have to. You should not have your life put on paused from one, intimate four minutes of your life. Having sex is not wrong, so don't let the outcomes be a punishment for you.

Right now, you are only holding a sac of cells.

You need to think about yourself first instead of the baby. Yes, be selfish cause this is your life. Are you financially ready for this life-long obligation? Emotionally? Do you have a supportive partner in your life? Did you accomplish all the dreams you had set up for yourself? You are only this age once and can only experience life once so don't shut yourself short from an outcome after four minutes. If you think, "Yes, I want this baby." Then think to yourself, are they coming into a life they deserve? No child deserves a life where they are going to be walking into financial troubles and be neglected. They deserve the best out of life, just as you do. Consider adoption, but remember, is that the life you would have wanted?

Abortion is not murder. It is not selfish.

You are making a choice to not just benefit yourself, but the cells that would grow someday into a human. Its not wrong to choice abortion. We have Roe v. Wade for a reason. To let women become the women they have always dreamed of being. To let moms be good mothers because they become one when they are emotionally and stably ready. Roe v. Wade gave women a chance and chance to change an outcome. Getting pregnant is not a mistake, but it does not mean you have to let it define you. You have the choice, so use it. No matter what option you take. Remember, you come first.

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