The end of the semester is finally here. Not sure how the semester went by so quickly, but I'm definitely okay with it because there is nothing more that I need right now than summer and to sleep for about a week.

1. *Walks into class* Please don't assign us something else.

2. Wow, all of my semester papers that I haven't started are now due in a week. Awesome.

3. I haven't understood one thing in this class all year so this cumulative final should go well.

4. I would go to the library but I know it's packed and I'll get stuck sitting next to a bunch of talkative people even though they're sitting on the quiet floor and then I'll really lose my mind.

5. I love it when people in my group project just don't answer.

6. Why do I always have finals until the very last day.

7. I really need to start packing up my room but taking down my decorations is just too sad.

8. I have so many things to do I don't even know where to begin.

9. All I want right now is some ice cream and maybe a bottle of a wine.

10. I really want to stuff my face at the dining hall but I have about $15 dollars left on my meal plan.

11. Why are so many people just sitting on the quad? Am I the only one with 86 things to do?

12. It's way too nice out to concentrate on writing this paper.

13. Another 15 page paper. Really? What professor wants to read that for all 30 students?

14. Okay, only two more Mondays and one more night class I can do this.

15. Yea, I definitely want that bottle of wine now.

16. Ugh, I just want to lay in bed and nap.

17. I've had about 4 coffees today and I still feel like a zombie.

18. Will I make it to the last day of classes? I'm not sure anymore.

19. The weather really needs to make up its mind so that I can finally pack away my winter clothes.

20. Should I skip my morning class to nap? Probably.

21. I've literally never been this tired.

22. I swear the semesters just keep going by faster and faster.

23. All professors should bring in their dogs for the last week of classes.

24. I've officially given up on looking nice for class.

25. Oh good, I just got assigned another paper. That's excellent.

26. I'll just take a quick study break and go on Facebook... *3 hours go by*

27. I need a home cooked meal so badly.

28. Can I get a degree in procrastinating?

29. I think my brain is giving up.

30. If I was less distractible I could get so much more done.

31. Someone please tell me there is extra credit for this class.

32. If I get one more pop quiz I might cry.

33. Should probably open this textbook that I've used as a paperweight all semester.

34. Please tell me my professor has uploaded all of the slides.

35. Instead of studying, I'm going to calculate the lowest grade I can get on this final and still get a B.

36. I wonder if I look as stressed as I feel.