I'm scared of whales. Maybe it's the fact that they're so much bigger than me. Despite whatever reasoning I can come up with, I have never had a terrible encounter with a whale to instigate this fear - which is partially what makes it so irrational. I took a survey for irrational fears that others have, so I know I'm not the only one. Here is a list of the strangest ones:

1. "Having to touch someone's chewed gum."


2. "Losing my teeth and not being able to keep implants in"

-Anonymous (3 separate people)

3. "When I go to the post office, I'm always afraid someone will grab my hand when I reach it into the box to get the mail."


4. "Fear of Edgar Allan Poe."


5. "I have black hair and very pale skin and so my worst irrational fear is that if I don't wash my hair every day I'll look like a young female Snape."

-Megan Marcum

6. "A single layer of soap bubbles in a sink."

-Klarke Turner

7. "Trash cans"


8. "Fish, just look at their eyes."


9. "Cotton balls."


10. "Chickens."

-Eliza Green

11. "Driving through car washes."


12. "The THX logo before movies."


13. "Milk and cereal (I only eat dry cereal)."


14. "Oompa loompas."


15. "Robots taking over."


16. "Pickles."

-Anonymous, Caroline Cunningham

17. "Velvet."


18. "Tanning beds."

-Caitlin Ferry

19. "Balloons."

-Alex Wright, Darcy James

20. "When people get their mushy food in the sink and I touch it."

-Alexandra Burns

21. "John Cena."

-Carter Mattingly

22. "Butts."

-Jason Booty***

23. "Trampolines."


24. "Fear of sneezing while driving across bridge."

-Morgan Stenger

25. "Ketchup."


26. "Frogs."

-Erica Brohman

27. "Geckos."

-Lauren Eirternz

28. "Hair."


29. "Antiques."


30. "Swimming in a lake because of the fish. I'm afraid they will bite my toes."

-Megan L.

31. "Kids."


32. "Having my ankles run over by anything like a grocery cart, bike, skateboards."


33. "Squirrels."

34. "Out-y belly buttons."


35. "Butterflies."

-Emily Sproul

36. "You."

-Kelly Loewen (who is now looking for a new roommate for next year...)

***Disclaimer: I'm not sure if this is a troll or not, but I thought it was funny