33 Ways That RIC Could Do Better
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Student Life

33 Ways That RIC Could Do Better

Here's a few updates RIC could make that would make going to school a little less painful.

33 Ways That RIC Could Do Better
Rhode Island College

Rhode Island College is a great school that has given many Rhode Islanders the opportunity to pursue higher education at a more affordable cost than other Rhode Island schools. But RIC is not perfect, by any means. Here are 33 things RIC could do to make our school better:

1. Make a MyRIC app.

Because typing “www.ric.edu” is seriously annoying. RIC is the only website I know that doesn't work 70% of the time if you only type “ric.edu”.

2. Regulate the temperature in the dorms and classrooms.

In the winter Penfield is legitimately 100° and Fogarty life science is about -2°.

3. Shovel better in the winter.

I have spilled my coffee all over myself on the way to class in the winter... multiple times.

4. Make it so that residents can get into any residence hall with their ID.

5. Stop having classes on east campus, and eliminate classes in Forman etc.

6. Require all teachers to post grades on Blackboard.


8. Keep Don open until midnight.

What college student eats before 7 pm? I don't even get out of class until 8 sometimes

9. Get better wifi.

“MyResNet” has got to go

10. Have room service.

Okay, I get that no college does this, but I seriously do not feel like leaving my room in -3° weather to get Don food


I know it's free to park at providence place now but having to drive 15 minutes away and then having to deal with the parking garage just for food is too much work. #RhodeIslandProblems

12. Get some actual adults to work in the offices.

It's great that we employ students, but when I walk into financial aid and there's a student there who has no idea what to do with my scholarship it's seriously annoying.

13. Make it so that students living in Sweet Hall, Weber, Thorp, Willard, and Browne can swipe into their rooms rather than carrying their keys around.

I really don't know any other college that requires students to carry an actual key to get into their dorm room. We're literally still in like the 1940's. I forget my key at least once a week.

14. Update all of the buildings.

Seriously it's not fair that nursing students have a brand new school and us education majors are stuck in Horace Mann


Seriously I've been over 20 minutes late to class before because I couldn't find parking

16. Change that lot in front of the Alex and Ani building into a student lot.

No chance that it ever actually fills with teachers.

17. Have more events on campus.

Granted RIC does have things on the quad that no one knows about, and is home to multiple sororities and fraternities but RIC could be home to more clubs, and needs to find a better way to advertise what they do offer.

18. Have chicken noodle soup and pasta every day in Don.

Those are the only edible things in that cafeteria and we literally only get them once a week.

19. Or just get rid of Don completely, you know, whatever works.

20. Get rid of those speed bumps

Seriously I've bottomed out like 4 times already and it really doesn't stop students from speeding around campus

21. Have a class set of books that you can borrow (free of charge) and return at the end of the semester.

Again, I know this isn't a thing, but seriously they could make tuition like $50 more a year and do this and it would draw so many more students to the school.

22. Get a Dunkin on campus

I know there are two Dunkins right near campus but sometimes residents want Dunkin too, and nobody is getting up early before their 8 am to go get Dunkin-- but if it was on campus we’d be more awake in class because we've had our coffee.

23. Literally knock down every residence hall and make 5 more Penfields.

Seriously it looks like a hotel in there.

24. Get a bathroom on the first floor of Don.

I'm sick of having to go up or down stairs just to go to the bathroom. College students are lazy, I guess they didn't account for that when they neglected to make a bathroom on the first floor of Don, or the student union, or Horace Mann.

25. Give dressers to students in Thorp, Weber, and Browne.

It's bad enough that upperclassmen have to live in these dorms, at least give us somewhere to put our socks

26. Make the one way behind Gaige a two-way street.

I know it's tight back there but when there's no parking in the Fogarty parking lot or Lot C, it's really annoying to have to drive all the way around campus to get back to lot B.

27. Give students more than 10 minutes between classes.

I'm sorry but there's no way I can get from my 8-9:50 in Horace Mann to my 10 am in Forman in 10 minutes

28. Get Greek life housing.

How lame is it that our sororities and fraternities don't even live together?

29. I know this isn't really in their control, but how about getting off campus housing within walking distance to the school.

It's not fair that if we live off campus it's closer to PC than to our own school

30. Figure out a way to make the smoke detectors determine the difference between popcorn, a vape pen, and an actual fire.

We're all sick of being woken up at 4 am because somebody burnt their popcorn.

31. Include laundry in the cost to live on campus.

Nobody-- I mean nobody-- has $5 to spend everytime they want to do laundry

32. Have an app that notifies us when the laundry is done.

This needs to be done, I swear on the days you want to use the dryer somebody will leave their clothes in there for 3 hours after it's dry

33. Listen to what the students want and take our ideas into consideration.

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