31 Ways in Which You're the Perfect Big and Little
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31 Ways in Which You're the Perfect Big and Little

31 Ways in Which You're the Perfect Big and Little

If you’re Greek, you know that a Big and Little’s relationship is quite easily one of the most important ones in your college career. No matter if you’re the former or the latter, you know that without the other, college wouldn’t be as fun or meaningful.

And if you’re like me, you believe your relationship with your Big/Little is extremely close to perfection, if not perfect. Obviously you have other friends and you love them all to death and back, but the connection you have with her trumps most of that. 

So if you’ve wondered just how close you and her are, or how close you are to being the perfect Big and Little pair, here is a checklist of signs to help you out!

  1. The happiness is very real when you both coincidentally wear your letters the same day.
    Great minds think alike, right? 
  2. Big and Little Reveal is quite easily your favorite sorority (and maybe even college) memory.
  3. You stock up on her favorite food incase of an emergency.
    “Please don’t question the pints of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. They’re for her, not me.” 
  4. You know her class schedule better than your own.
  5. She’s been your #WCW on Instagram at least once.
    And if not, you’ve definitely thought about it. 
  6. If she doesn’t reply to you within 5.239 seconds, you get anxious and spam her phone.
    Because there obviously has to be a major problem if she isn’t responding to you. 
  7. She’s your emergency contact for everything. 
    Sorry mom and dad… 
  8. You’ve given up on paying each-other back.
    Since you basically spend all your time together, the numbers will tally up eventually thanks to food, gifts, etc. 
  9. You brag about her accomplishments.
    Because literally everything she does is perfection at this point and you’re just way too proud. 
  10. You have more pictures together than is healthy or normal.
  11. You know all her family drama.
    Including everything about her mother’s cousin’s boyfriend’s addiction problem and her grandparents first dog. 
  12. You’ve actually been told that you’re the perfect Big and Little pair by your sisters and friends.
    It’s reached a point where even innocent bystanders feel the need to compliment your beautiful relationship. 
  13. You feel the same way about most people.
  14. Because you hang out together so much, you’ve basically got the same group of friends.
  15. ...who all know that you’re a package deal.
    No really. If, for some incredulous reason, you show up somewhere without her, they get worried and start asking what happened. 
  16. You can communicate a thousand emotions with one simple look.
  17. The separation anxiety is very real when you’re apart for even a few hours.
    If you aren’t guilty of FaceTiming or Skyping when you aren’t together, you’re not doing it right. 
  18. You enjoy buying small surprise presents for her.
  19. You’ve actually discussed how you’re the perfect Big and Little.
    Way too often in fact… 
  20. Your boyfriend stops being your significant other.
    “Look I love you and all, but you really don’t want to make me choose between you and her…” 
  21. You struggle with accepting the fact that she has other female friends. 
    And you text her constantly when she hangs out with them without you. 
  22. In some cases, you even complete her sentences. 
    One mind, two bodies, am I right? 
  23. You don’t consider yourselves just Big and Little anymore.
    You’re dance partners, cuddle buddies, best friends, soul mates, and so much more. 
  24. Your parents love her as much as they love you. 
    Okay let’s be real-- they love her even more. In fact, there’s rarely a conversation you have with them without them asking about her. 
  25. You often wonder how you’ve lived your entire life without her.
  26. You have at least one profile picture with her in it.
    Or a cover photo, Instagram display picture or something else in the plethora of important pictures of you on the Internet. 
  27. When you’re out for dinner, you split meals.
    Because two dishes are better than one, duh. 
  28. She calls you out when necessary.
    Because you know that someone needs to tell you when your ego gets too big for your own good or when your shoes don’t match with your clothes.
  29. But at the same time, she's also you're biggest cheerleader. 
    Whether it’s performing in front of a crowd, acing a quiz, or perfectly curling your hair on your own, she's always there with a smile on her face and imaginary pompoms in her hands. 
  30. There is very little that gives you more joy than seeing her happy.
  31. And mostly importantly, you know in your heart and soul that just as you checked off the above thirty points, she did too.

ALSO, I recently found there is a similar article has been posted on the website with a few other ways in which you’re the perfect big and little, so check that out too! 


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