3 Steps To Make A No-Sew-Tutu

Halloween is tonight and your friends made last minute plans! You have to quickly scramble for an outfit and have lost all hope at being unique. Well, fear not!

A great quick idea is to make a no-sew tutu. The tutu is very versatile and can add a bit of glam to a dull outfit.

1) Find your fabric and measure

If there is not a fabric store near you then find a Walmart. They have a pretty good selection.

The fabric should be at least two yards. The tutu in the pictures are the results of using only two yard pieces. If you want a longer tutu then add a couple more yards.

You will also need a ribbon to tie the fabric to. Measure the ribbon around your waist and add five inches to it. The extra length will be what you use to tie the skirt on.

2) Cut the fabric

Cut the fabric into one-inch strips. Doubling up on strips gives the tutu a fuller look.

3) Tie pieces onto ribbon

You can add trinkets to the skirt or leave as is. It is fun to create and you can guarantee no one will have an exact replica of your tutu.

The process took me about three hours to cut out fabric and tie it onto the skirt. I did go back and add glitter to it, because who doesn't love a little sparkle for Halloween. Go out and enjoy the night in something you created!

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