25 Things That Could Help Improve The Sims 4
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25 Things That Could Help Improve The Sims 4

Because while Sims 4 may be a great game, it can always be improved.

25 Things That Could Help Improve The Sims 4

First of all, let me make it clear that I’m not here just to complain. Sims 4 is an amazing game already. It runs very well on my computer, and I love some of the features that it has that other games don’t (ease of designing Sims, ease of building houses, etc).

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However, I do think that, like any other game, there are a lot of things that could be improved. So here are just a few of the things that could be added/brought back into the Sims 4 franchise to make it even better!

  1. Werewolves, fairies, genies, witches/wizards, and other supernatural creatures besides vampires.

    The vampires expansion pack is a start, but it would be nice to have other creatures, similar to The Sims 3 Supernatural! (Plus, this way Harry Potter characters could be more accurate).
  2. Seasons.

    The Sims 3 Seasons had some amazing things, such as the festivals, snow days, rain, and other weather events. These are definitely necessary for Sims 4!
  3. Preteens.

    There seems to be a big gap between children and their limited skills, aspirations, and freedom and teens, which are almost the same as adults. However, a life stage in between could help to bridge this gap.
  4. Story progression.

    Let’s be real, EA’s story progression for Sims who aren’t played just doesn’t work. Sim families that aren't played don’t have children and often die off. This gap can be bridged by a mod (MC Command Center), but it would be nice for EA to improve this!
    MC Command Center HERE.
  5. Pets.

    It’s been speculated that EA is planning a Pets expansion pack, but of course pets would be an amazing thing to have in-game, with pet stores, lots of different animals, and of course, family pets!
  6. International worlds/clothes.

    The Sims 3 World Adventures brought us the possibility of vacationing outside of the America-like Sims, so it would be nice to either have these kinds of worlds or at least some more international-style clothing!
  7. Farms or zoos.

    This could correspond with pets, but having Sims able to run farms, sell crops (similar to gardening), and take care of farm animals could be really fun! Playable, non-rabbit hole zoos would also be fun for family days out!
  8. Time traveling.

    I know it sounds far fetched, but the Sims 3 had a pack called Into The Future where Sims could travel into the future or even change their future and meet their descendants. Traveling into the future or the past could be an awesome addition for Sims 4.
  9. Open world features.

    I know the game won’t ever be a completely open world so the overall performance of the game can improve, but maybe having less loading screens could be beneficial. For example, two apartments on the same floor could both be loaded at the same time.
  10. Universities.

    I know, going back to Sims 3 again, but universities were so fun and I feel like they could be improved even more in Sims 4! Joining a sorority, choosing between different clubs, classes with specific goals (similar to careers in Sims 4), etc.
    University mod HERE.
  11. Boarding schools or other types of schools.

    In the Sims 3, there was an option to send kids to boarding schools, and Sims 2 had the option to send kids to private schools. Either one would be pretty awesome and bring more variety to each child’s path.
    Go to School mod HERE.
  12. More things for kids.

    At the moment, kids are a little boring and don’t have many things outside of basic skills and aspirations. Some of the things that could make it more fun are present in Generations from Sims 3: lemonade/baking stands, after school activities and recitals, more playground things (slides, swings, etc), more aspirations, and child-specific events such as sleepovers.
    Slumber Party mod HERE.
  13. Burglars and natural disasters.

    This seems kind of dark, but it was pretty awesome to have burglars in Sims 3 and it definitely was very useful for story building. It brought more realism. Natural disasters such as tornadoes, earthquakes, etc could be really fun for story building and adding more ways for Sims to die (as dark as that sounds)!
  14. Prom/graduation/teen parties.

    These events are distinctly missing from the lives of Sims 4 teenagers. It would be awesome to send teens to prom or some sort of dance and have them graduate, then celebrate with their families. There are terrific mods by brittpinkiesims that has these two parties, but having them in-game already would be great too!
    Prom mod HERE.
    Graduation mod HERE.
  15. Baby interactions.

    The babies right now are completely boring. Making them able to get out of the bassinets they’re born in and introducing more interactions, especially with child-age siblings, could spice up the game. Some object ideas include baby swings, changing tables, baby pools, and strollers (so they can leave the lot).
  16. Likes/dislikes.

    In the past Sims games, we’ve been able to choose what Sims like and dislike, such as romantic preferences, food preferences, music preferences, color preferences, and the like. These have been taken out of Sims 4, but they could be useful in influencing Sims’ attraction levels and their enjoyment of their environment or food.
  17. Slow dancing.

    The only option for dancing together is more like casual dancing, but slow dancing would be very useful for dances and weddings and make things a whole lot more romantic!
  18. Teens looking like teens.

    The teens at the moment are indistinguishable from adults. It would be amazing to be able to tell by looking what stage of life a Sim is in.
  19. Create a world/adding lots.

    Creating your own worlds would add a whole new level of creativity. In addition, the current worlds just don’t have enough lots for Sims, different kinds of buildings, and building new houses. There should also be an option to add lots to existing worlds, similar to the Sims 3!
  20. Laundry.

    Laundry just adds a whole new layer of realism to the game, so it would be fun to have that back into Sims 4!
  21. Music/arts/theater.

    In Sims 4, usually arts events are rabbitholes. It would be cool to have a Showtime-esque pack that includes concerts (going to and performing in), plays, and arts festivals!
  22. Holidays.

    These could be included with seasons, but having kids able to go trick-or-treating on Halloween, having more interactions for Christmas, and maybe Easter Egg hunting could be a fun activity for the kiddos!
  23. Interactive babysitting/day cares.

    I think one of my favorite jobs in Sims 3 was making my own daycare! It was awesome to be able to take care of little ones and design an interactive space for them, but then have them go home to their own parents.
  24. Auto roof.

    I’m really bad at designing my own roofs, so I really miss when I could just click a button and have a perfect looking roof.
  25. Sports.

    Basketball was a great addition that came with City Living, but having it be a part of another athletic career, having school teams/friendship teams, competing against other teams, or even just adding more sports (volleyball, baseball, football, soccer, etc) could be a really fun addition!
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