1. I wrote this article when I really should have been eating pizza.
  2. Cheese: need I say more? 
  3. Drunk food.
  4. Hungover food.
  5. COLD PIZZA, YES. Still tastes like heaven even if you don't use the microwave.
  6. Finals suck. You know what doesn't? Pizza.
  7. I went to the gym 4 times this week. What's that you say? Pizza.
  8. I spent all my money down town yet, I need to eat. Michaelangelo's is that you? I'm coming for ya.
  9. Let's be real, I could type out solely "pizza" for numbers 10-25 and this article would still be accurate.
  10. You're starting to see Pizza as a print for apparel. 
  11. I wasn't kidding.
  12. Anything goes when it comes to pizza. Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, pizza at supper time. When pizza's on a bagel, you can have pizza anytime.
  13. Instagram account: NOPIZZALEFTBEHIND
  14. Pizza could get more likes from a dude on Instagram than a sorority girl selfie.
  15. Pizza shows up to your doorstep at 2 am to be there for you.
  16. Pizza is like the lingua franca of foods. Everyone eats it.
  17. Pizza gets you. It knows what you want. It doesn't try to be anything else.
  18. The sole reason you made it to chapter on Sunday was because you read pizza party on the email. "What's that Karen? I couldn't hear your dumb grab-a-date idea over this delicious pepperoni pizza."
  19. I'm salivating writing this article just thinking of all the potential pizza combinations I could order. And now so are you.
  20. Speaking of which, pizza is the only thing that makes certain topping combinations acceptable. There's no such thing as a bad Pizza. Nope.
  21. Pizza is the type of girl you bring home to mom.
  22. You once ordered a whole pizza to yourself and ate it all. Okay, maybe twice. 
  23. Your friends have gotten tired of you asking, "Will there be pizza?" everytime you hang out.
  24. You've had a staring contest with Domino's "Tracker" while you waited for 'Dave' to finish your freaking pizza already.
  25. Pizza is the best lunchables out there. 

..... and on the 8th day, God created pizza.