25 Gift Ideas That Won't Break Your Bank This Holiday Season
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25 Gift Ideas That Won't Break Your Bank This Holiday Season

We're college students, not wolves of Wall Street...

25 Gift Ideas That Won't Break Your Bank This Holiday Season

Gift-giving during the holidays can be tough as a broke college student because you want to please everyone but don't want to break the bank— trust me, I get it.

Here's a list of 25 gifts that will make your friends, family, and your bank account happy:

1. Seasonal scented candles.

Vanilla sugar cookie...Douglas fir...Frosted cranberry...

Holiday scented candles make the easiest, but coziest holiday gift!

2. A valuable book.

Something inspiring, motivating, heartwarming...

Make it personal to the person you're gifting it to (and definitely buy it from Amazon).

3. A fancy planner (for the organized friend). 

New year, new planner.

4. Assortment of tea and/or coffee.

Make it fair trade and strong. You can wrap the assortment up decoratively and gift a mug with it too!

5. Super cool vintage, thrifted clothes. 

Goodwill holds some of the world's most trendy gems. Don't underestimate the power of a $4 vintage band tee for your stylish friend.

6. Cheap concert tickets. 

Browse the internet for some upcoming cheap concerts in your area and get two tickets for you and friend! You can find tickets as cheap as $25, and the small venues are usually so charming!

7. Cheap wine for a gal pal.

There are plenty of wine brands that look/taste fancy but are under $15. Get a bottle or two and make a girls' night out of it!

8. Large spread of homemade cookies. 

Like to bake? Share the gift of homemade cookies or other baked goods.

9. $25 gift card to their favorite clothing store or coffee shop. 

If you want to gift something that you're sure they'll be able to use, gift cards are always a smart choice.

10. Mini waffle maker. 

YOU CAN GET THEM FOR $10 ON AMAZON AND THEY'RE AMAZING. There's an assortment of colors too.

11. Funny kitchen towels.

My favorite place to search for these is on Etsy. You can get them personalized too!!

12. Framed letter board. 

These are super ~in~ right now and the perfect addition to any home decor. They can be used for a funny quote, "house rules," or the wifi password.

13. Himalayan salt lamp.

These are great because they look expensive, but they're not. They spice up any space.

14. Tassel earrings. 

You can find these almost anywhere (Target has the best ones). They're the perfect gift for someone with a bold style.

15. Fun scrunchie set (for the quirky friend).

Scrunchies > regular elastic hair ties. Who doesn't love a fun (and patterned) scrunchie set??

16. Something personalized. 

A pillow, blanket, coffee mug, picture frame, etc...

Ideas: for a friendship, of their pet, monogram

17. Christmas tree ornament. 

You can make these personalized too or just something fun. You definitely can't go wrong with an "inside joke" ornament!

18. Crewneck of their favorite sports team. 

This gift is always a crowd pleaser. Who doesn't love a good crewneck? If you wanna be quirky, make it vintage.

19. Cute home/apartment decor. 

Urban outfitters has some fun stuff, and it's really not too pricey!

20. Wall plants (for the tree-hugger).

Nothing better than bringing the beautiful outdoors indoors.

21. Small oil diffuser. 

Cute and useful.

22. Natural lip balms. 

We all know winter is hard on the lips.

23. IPSY glam bag subscription. 

For the girl who is into makeup/skincare and loves to try new products! This subscription comes in a different cute back each month with sample size products— and it's not expensive at all!

24. Cocktail recipe book. 

So you can finally have the $12 cocktail you love so much from that one bar in the comfort of your own home (or to make for your friends)!


For the one with zero dollars in her bank account, but one million dollars in her heart.

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