23 Reasons 2016 was Absolutely Absurd
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23 Reasons 2016 was Absolutely Absurd

Put this poor year out of its misery.

23 Reasons 2016 was Absolutely Absurd
Times Magazine

It's no secret. 2016 was one of the most bizarre years in history. Normally around this time we reflect on fun times from this year and and prepare for the next one. But this time, let's take a stroll back down memory lane (which I'm guessing is some dimly lit alley full of garbage and diseased rats) and talk about all the ridiculous things that this poor year has witnessed.

1. The water bottle challenge

Teachers would probably say that this was one of the worst.

2. Harambe was murdered...

3. And then people mourned him more than actual humans who were killed

#JusticeForHarambe was trending.

Speaking of ruthless killings:

4. Orlando, Charleston, and other mass shootings

5. Terrorist attacks in Brussels, Nice, Syria, etc.

6. Aleppo

7. When the world ignored the refugee crisis

8. The whip and nae nae

Just no.



10. Police Brutality

11. And then revenge killings

12. White privilege peaked when Brock Turner spent less than three months in jail FOR VIOLENTLY RAPING AN UNCONSCIOUS WOMAN BEHIND A DUMPSTER

Along with the other dozens of ridiculous sexual assault cases like the one involving ten football players at the University of Minnesota and the Men's soccer team at Harvard.

13. Pokemon GO

Thank god this only lasted for like a week.

14. The death of major figures including Harper Lee, Alan Rickman, Prince, David Bowie, and Muhammad Ali

15. The Mannequin and Running Man Challenges

But Michelle Obama did it, so I guess it's okay...

16. Brexit

17. Trump's Twitter

As HRC would say, delete your account.

18. The dog filter on snap chat ... posted to Instagram

19. Tomi Lahren

My eyes physically can't roll back into my head as far as they'd like to. I can't decide if I'd take away her social media accounts or Trump's first.

20. New life for the Alt-Right movement


21. Papaw's grandkids not joining him for burgers.

But then Twitter made it all better when Papaw's story went viral and hundreds of strangers showed up for his cookout.

22. The attempted Heartbeat Bill in Ohio and other insane anti-abortion measures that have no medical relevance.

An FYI to male legislators who clearly have no idea how pregnancy works: most people don't know they're pregnant until ~6 weeks.

And, by no surprise, the biggest shit show of 2016 is ...

The 2016 election.

And everything that has followed: Bizarre cabinet appointments, a VP who thinks electric shock therapy can cure gays, Russian interference, and Trump refusing intelligence briefings because he's "smarter than U.S. intelligence". UGH.

~Started from the bottom now we here are even deeper into the depths of hell~

I really have no words for how weird2016 was, but luckily Trump being named Times' "Person of the Year" really just summarizes it all for me. You almost start to say "but at least things have to go up from here!" and then you remember that Donald Trump will be president of the United States and accept that the next 4 years are going to be even more weird. Let's celebrate the end of 2016 by drinking so much champagne that we don't remember any of the dumb things that happened in the past twelve months!


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