22 Signs You're From Groton MA
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Student Life

22 Signs You're From Groton MA

You know there's only 10,000 who will relate to this

22 Signs You're From Groton MA

1. Going downtown on a half day was the coolest thing

In middle school

2, In high school, Nashua was the place to be on half days

Usually Chipotle or the mall

3. The library is the coolest place

Honestly, it’s one of the best parts of town

4. You know everyone in your grade. And the grades around you

And where they go to college

5. If you don’t have a car, you don’t have a life

You either have one or have friends that drive you around

6. Everything takes at least 15 to drive to

Lowell, Nashua, Fitchburg, Worcester is 45 minutes

7. Nothing is in Groton

Nashua it is!

8. People have no idea where it is

Unless they are from another small MA town

9. Whenever people ask where it is, you say the ol’ “Just outside of Boston”, even though it isn’t

Sometimes I say it’s near Lowell

10. You can’t really classify where it is

It’s not western Mass, it’s not central Mass, it’s not North Shore, it’s in the sticks

11. The Groton School is the only place people know


12. You HATE the Groton School

Lawrence Academy is fine but that goddamn Groton School…

13. You also hate Westford

It’s the Eagleton to our Pawnee; there’s no real reason to hate it, just that it’s better

14. The castle is the coolest part of town

One of the perks of living in a "quaint New England town"

15. You know Groton's politics are messed up

The schools are great but the system is a mess

16. There's a distinct difference between Groton and Dunstable

We may go to the same school but Groton is much better, let's face it (we actually have 1 restaurant)

17. When you were younger, you either went to Prescott or Florence Roach

Only 90s kids remember Prescott

18. You’ll never forget the iconic high school teachers

Woods, Kleeman, Adams, Gounis, Reynolds

19. You know at least 10 people at UMass Lowell, 15 at UMass Amherst, and 10 at UConn

Or you go there yourself

20. You have more love for Boston than Groton

It’s just better, let’s be honest

21. You couldn’t wait for college to get out of town

But you can’t go too far because the best colleges are less than an hour away

22. But you secretly miss it sometimes


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