21 Times RuPaul's Drag Race Was Real AF

21 Times RuPaul's Drag Race Was Real AF

Mama Ru always keeps it real.

I don't know what's better; the fact that this show is completely fun and real, or the fact that these drag queens do girls better than girls do girls.

1. If something is 'imperfect' these feisty felines didn't hesitate to let you know

2. But they're also quick to just one up their nay-sayers

3. Keep your enemies far and keep your friends further

4. When Ru asks you to deliver not one, not two, but THREE runway looks

5. When the queens deliver the same look over and over...

6. Challenge a drag queen. I dare you

7. Don't be afraid to spread your wings and fly

8. When someone asks, "why on earth you do drag?"

9. When the competition is just too much...

10. Water off a duck's back!

11. No caption needed :)

12. Hey, remember that one bad thing that one girl said to you yesterday?


14. You don't like me?

15. When someone is as fake as those lashes

16. Yeah, it's a competition. But don't forget to cheer on your fellow queens!

17. When your look is all wrong and you have to start over

18. When queens think you care about their opinions

19. The RPDR mantra

20. Mama Ru always keepin' it real

21. The floor is RuPaul's Drag Race

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