Syllabus week is over, our new President has been inaugurated, and if you're like me, you finally looked at your bank account. Chances are good that it's shaping up to be a tough week. Obviously, there are only two things that can make this Monday a little less brutal: puppies and Derek Shepherd. And one of these things was victim to a Mack truck at the hands of Shonda Rhimes, so puppies it is.

1. This little guy, who is wondering if it's okay to eat in your car.

2. This pup, trying to figure out who's a good boy.

3. This pup, who's wondering if he'll ever find out who's a good boy.

4. And this one who just found out he is, in fact, a good boy.

5. This dog doesn't want you to have a bad Monday.

6. Neither does this one.

7. Or this one, either!

8. This dog, who wants you to be as calm as he is.

9. And this dog, who is a yoga expert.

10. This pupper, who just found out guac is extra at Chipotle.

11. These twins, who take a better picture than you.

12. And these triplets, who want you to smile.

13. This pup, who calls shotgun every time.

14. This little dude, who wants you to delete that picture, are you kidding with that filter?!

15. This dog, who went a little too overboard on cheat day this weekend.

16. This pup, who loves the snow.

17. This little guy, who needs a haircut.

18. And this pupper who just got one.

20. This guy, who just heard a great joke.

21. And this one, who just realized the weekend is only four days away!