Momo challenge hoax

I'm sure it's not new to us. The significant amount of time that children are spending using the internet, and more specifically, the time that they're putting into YouTube. I'm also sure that we're all aware of the "Momo challenge" that has made an appearance across all social media platforms.

The story behind the challenge is that an image of "Momo" appears on your screen, then she will lure your child into acting on a series of challenges, and the final challenge tells them to commit suicide.

It sounds scary, right?

Well, recent evidence has come about to prove that this is just a viral hoax and it's only being fueled by the media and concerned parents. No child has been harmed, and this hoax has actually originated from a Reddit post.

I have heard many different stories and opinions surrounding the "Momo challenge," but this was brought to my attention. Sure, we are living in a technologically advanced world, but as a child, I didn't have much if any, access to the internet.

I played my Webkinz and minded my business, and quite frankly knew that I had no reason to be on YouTube. Children today have iPhone X's, and Snapchats, and Twitter, and all other kinds of gadgets and apps that (in my opinion) they really shouldn't have any access to.

It's sad, but the truth is that a lot of parents will give kids access to whatever just as long as it keeps them entertained while they go about their business.

So let's say that the "Momo challenge" was created to send a message to those parents who disregard the idea of monitoring their children. It was a warning to let them know that regardless of parental restrictions and locks that they put on things, there is still a way to get around it.

If that is true then what is your opinion on the "Momo challenge?" Has this gone too far, or just far enough?

Before answering keep in mind that no child has been harmed; parents have just been scared senseless.

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