10 Not-At-All Expert Takes On The 2018 Oscar Nominations
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10 Not-At-All Expert Takes On The 2018 Oscar Nominations

My life will still go on even if 'The Boss Baby' somehow wins Best Animated Feature.

10 Not-At-All Expert Takes On The 2018 Oscar Nominations

Though the Academy Awards are still a couple of weeks away, it's never to early to start thinking about which movies and actors will come out on top this year. With all of the turmoil in Hollywood regarding sexual assault allegations against prominent industry figures, I'm sure that this year's Oscars ceremony will be as politically charged as the Globes and the SAG awards were.

However, I'm also hoping that a few movies I really loved this year will emerge victorious on March 4. So with that, here go my opinions about the existing nominations, and some movies that should have been nominated.

1. Best picture (that probably won't win best picture) - 'The Post'

For whatever reason, this movie has not emerged as one of the favorites to win Best Picture this year, which I think is a real shame. The Post is this year's Spotlight for me: a hard-hitting, fast-paced movie about the importance of determination and quality journalism.

Plus, how can you argue with the star power of America's sweethearts, Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep, in what is somehow their first movie together. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, and amidst the other quality movies I saw this holiday season, The Post still stands out as probably the best movie I've seen all year.

2. Most absurd Oscar nominee - 'The Boss Baby'

Come on. How did an animated movie about an obnoxious baby with a huge forehead voiced by Alec Baldwin make it in to the "Best Animated Feature" category? I can think of several worthy candidates that were definitely snubbed in this category, including one that I'll mention later.

For now, suffice it to say that I'm truly baffled by the attention that this movie has received this awards season.

3. The 'La La Land' award for "Best Song nominee that isn't the best song in its movie" - "This is Me"

Though I admit that The Greatest Showman probably didn't deserve many more nominations beyond Best Song, I am a little disappointed that the song getting all of the accolades from this movie is not one of my favorites, much like "City of Stars" from La La Land last year. I much preferred songs like "Come Alive" and "A Million Dreams" that were, to me, much more interesting. However, it's hard for a theater geek not to jump on board the Pasek and Paul hype train and hope that "This is Me" wins anyway.

4. Oscar nominee with the most boring trailer - 'Phantom Thread'

I know this is supposed to be "Daniel Day-Lewis's FINAL movie" and all that, and yes I think he's a fantastic actor, but the trailer for this movie was one giant snoozefest. All I caught was some pleasantly rippling piano music, Daniel Day-Lewis looking seductively at a skirt he's just sewed, and a woman there also. Apparently, this movie is good, but given the choice between seeing it and just sitting quietly at home, I think I know which option I'm taking.

5. Biggest Oscar snub (tie) - 'The LEGO Batman Movie' and 'Wonder Woman'

When I left the theater after seeing The LEGO Batman Movie I thought, "This is the funniest movie I've seen in years." When I left the theater after seeing Wonder Woman I thought, "This is the greatest movie theater experience I've ever had. I now know how guys feel after seeing superhero movies." And sadly, neither movie was nominated for a single Oscar this year. I was really hoping that The LEGO Batman Movie would be nominated for Best Animated Feature and that Wonder Woman would at least get a Best Director nomination, but I guess the Oscars this year won't be quite as progressive as I would have wanted.

6. The Daniel Day-Lewis Award for "Performance that won the Oscar when the movie poster came out" - Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill

I'll be the first to skewer the movie Lincoln as one of the most disappointing theater outings I've had in recent memory. However, I will admit that I, along with the rest of America it seems, internally handed Daniel Day-Lewis the Oscar once I saw him staring pensively on the Lincoln poster. It seems that a similar phenomenon with a similarly lauded historical figure happened this year, as I've been hearing nothing but adulation for Gary Oldman ever since the first trailer for Darkest Hour was released. I'll be honest, I thought the movie was kind of boring, but his rousing performance as Churchill saved the film for me.

7. Most admirable 2017 movie trend I approved of - superhero movies that are actually funny

Though this isn't directly related to the actual Oscar nominations this year, one thing I wanted to take note of was the surprising number of superhero movies that I really enjoyed in 2017. From Guardians of the Galaxy 2, to Spiderman: Homecoming, to Thor: Ragnarok, I was pleasantly shocked by how many superhero movies seemed to really strike gold in the comedy department this year. I've never been a big fan of action movies unless they're hilarious, and I'd love to see this trend continue with Marvel's releases this year and next year.

8. Oscar nominee in which Harry Styles somehow wasn't distracting - 'Dunkirk'

Though I'm not usually a fan of war movies, and I wouldn't normally classify myself as either a Harry Styles or Christopher Nolan fangirl, I absolutely loved this movie. If not for the masterful production of The Post, I'd say that this might be the best movie of the year.

Plus, the audience was blessed with the feature film debut of One Direction heartthrob-turned-solo artist that I now respect, Harry Styles. I was hesitant going in, but he really did a great job and perfectly blended in to the bleak military landscape of this beautiful movie.

9. Adapted screenplay nominee with the most iconic source material - 'The Disaster Artist'

I'll admit, I was extremely skeptical of the whole The Room cultural phenomenon that spurred the production of this movie. I was also skeptical of James Franco, just in general, and I still am. But once I caved and finally watched "The Room" in preparation for seeing The Disaster Artist I was very glad I did.

For those of you who have never seen it, The Room is spectacularly bad in a way that's almost poetic. Having seen it made watching The Disaster Artist much more enjoyable, and it also made me appreciate the fact that most movies besides The Room are not funded by $6 million from nowhere.

10. Favorite "mominations" - Alison Janney and Laurie Metcalf

This is more a playful jab at the fact that Alison Janney seems to play a crotchety mother in every movie I've seen her in. But though I haven't yet seen I, Tonya, her comedic performance in the trailer alone seems to be enough to warrant a nomination. Similarly, I didn't even recognize Laurie Metcalf as playing the mother in Lady Bird until about halfway through the movie.

However, she certainly delivered a gritty, yet touching performance as Lady Bird's mother. Though I know that the Best Supporting Actress award can't go to both of these deserving ladies, I hope that one of them takes it.

While writing this article, I had to keep reminding myself that none of this actually matters in the real world. Like, my life will still go on even if The Boss Baby somehow wins Best Animated Feature. But when Oscar night rolls around, I'll be sitting on the edge of my couch hoping that I'll get to see Captain Von Trapp, er, I mean Christopher Plummer, accept a revenge "I replaced Kevin Spacey" award for Best Supporting Actor. The Oscars are a cultural institution, after all, and it's fun to have a little fun with them, even though I have no say in the outcome.

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