20 Things You Know If You Are A Teacher's Kid
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Student Life

20 Things You Know If You Are A Teacher's Kid

There are some things that we don't appreciate until later in life.

20 Things You Know If You Are A Teacher's Kid

Being a teacher's kid, you experience grade school differently than your peers. It has its ups and downs and the in-betweens. During your grade school career, you notice more of the bad, but as you grow older you appreciate the hidden benefits and realize how it helps shape you.

1. You know she/he knows all of your teachers

Your teacher parent and your teachers probably go see Magic Mike together, but in the classroom you have to pretend not to know that. They probably do a lot of other friend things together that a regular student would find weird, but to you they are like family friends. However, you remain highly aware that your teacher would not hesitate to tell your parent how you act in class because of their relationship. You have a reputation to uphold and a parent you represent.

2. You know she/he knows all of your friends

Your teacher parent knows way more about your friends than the average parent does because she/he's probably taught them. She knows how they do in class, if they show up to class, and starts to be picky about who you run around with.

3. You know she/he cares a lot about your grades

Your teacher parent probably knows your grades before you even do. You're under a lot of pressure to make sure you are prepared for all of your tests. If you slip up, she/he will make sure you go to tutorials for however long it takes.

4. You know she/he will definitely find out if you cut class

You can't get away with anything. If you don't show up to a class, she/he WILL be informed promptly. You know that your butt better be in that desk chair early every single day or there will be consequences.

5. You know she/he will probably chaperone your school dances

Most school dances are literally PG for you. Even though she/he says that they will give you your space, the sight of them walking around with a flashlight is really hard to ignore.

6. You know she/he probably knows all of the drama going on at your school

You can't really keep a secret from a teacher parent because they basically go to the same school as you. They hear everything that is said in the hallways and sometimes even have to play councilor to your peers.

7. You know your peers are always going to ask you for the details when they hear rumors about the district

Every time there's a rumor about any little thing that may or may not change about the district, you get bombarded with concerned students seeking the truth. The problem is you usually don't have the slightest idea either, but they are convinced you do because your parent is involved with the school. It can get pretty annoying.

8. You know she/he has a mini fridge in their closet

Of course you don't want to be that socially awkward teacher's kid that always sits in her/his classroom to eat lunch, but you have to admit it is convenient to keep your lunch cold. You enjoy the small perks of this lifestyle like grabbing lunch out of the fridge before heading to the cafeteria.

9. You know if she/he says or does something embarrassing in a class, all of your friends are going to tell you about it

The moment you teacher parent walks into their classroom with their zipper open is the highlight of every conversation people want to have with you for the next 24 hours. If they say the word "potty" instead of "restroom", you're going to hear about it all day long.

10. You know that your friends may not like her/him if they get a bad grade

It's always uncomfortable to hear your friends badmouthing your parent when they fail an assignment. It's an unwanted tension nobody wants to experience. You want to stand up for your parent, but at the same time you also understand how upset you can get when you fail something too. You know to take it with a grain of salt, and move on (unless this in continuous, then they probably aren't a good friend.)

11. You know that to some people, you will forever only be referred to as her/his daughter/son

To the people who knew your parent before they knew you, you will only be called Mrs./Mr. so-and-so's daughter/son until the end of time. At first, it's kind of irritating, but then you get used to it and respond to it as if they were calling you by your real name.

12. You know that some of your peers think you get special treatment

Even though you don't, it can really look that way. I mean, come on, you know all of your teachers' first names and can be caught helping decorate bulletin boards after school. If you make a 100 on something that others fail, they are quick to assume you couldn't really do so well on your own. It can really bother you sometimes, but at the end of the day, they are just jealous.

13. You know that you will never be able to leave the house dressed out of dress code.

You can't even do the "bring what you want to wear in a backpack and change at school" trick because she/he will see you there too. You basically have to follow all of the rules because you don't want your parent to look bad and you just have to accept that will never get away with it.

14. You know that sometimes you get annoyed that they are so involved in your grade school career

Sometimes you just want to pull your hair out because you feel like you have no privacy anywhere you go. You leave in the morning together, stay in the same place for 8 hours, and come home around the same time. You feel like you are always together and that you can't live your own life, but at least it keeps you out of trouble.

15. You also know that you love having them home all summer

Low key-never high key, you know it is nice to have someone at home with you over the summer. It's especially nice when you're young and can't drive yet because you aren't stuck at home with a random babysitter. You can also get a lot done because you have someone to help you apply to colleges and motivate you to stay in shape by being your work out partner.

16. You know that their job isn't as easy as it looks to other people

You see all of the behind the scenes footage of being a teacher. You know that it's a lot more than what your friends see at school. There are actually a lot of all-nighters spent grading and writing lesson plans associated with being a teacher. You see how much effort your parent puts into their teaching job, and it makes you respect your teachers more. You also know, but will probably never tell your teacher parent, that you admire them for being able to do this job and be a great parent. You can't fathom how after an all-nighter of work, you still walk into the kitchen in the morning and witness them doing the little things like packing your lunch for you with a smile on their face.

17. You know that they truly don't want to be the bad guy

You know your parent really feels bad when her/his students are struggling. Despite what your friends may think or even tell you, she/he actually hates to fail people. It's not an enjoyable sport or anything like that for teachers; they actually care. You know because you see the effects it has on your parent. She/he will stay up later to think of ways to make it easier to teach, mope around like she/he personally failed an assignment themselves, and wake up even earlier to be there for tutorials. They honestly want their students to succeed in life.

18. You know that they don't get paid enough

You see all of the work they do and you experience the down side of teaching, the income. Deep down it bothers you that they don't receive as much as they deserve for all that they do, but at least your parent has a job that they love and is able to help others.

19. You secretly know that you are going to miss it when you move away

You may not realize it now, but you're going to miss having your teacher parent with you all of the time when you don't anymore. Even though it's annoying a lot of days, it is good to have someone to hold you accountable and keep you on the right path. Eventually, you will become the annoying one and call them 24/7 to ask questions or just to see what they are doing.

20. You will never admit to knowing that if you could, you wouldn't change it

No matter how many times your teacher parent forgets to zip up her/his pants, or how many dances you can't twerk at, or how many times you don't get away with anything, you know the benefits outweigh the bad. You had or are having a great childhood because your parents' occupation allows her/him to spend quality time with you. You are probably closer with your parent than you would have been if you were raised by a variety of daycares or babysitters and it's something you grow to cherish.

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