20 shows I've rewatched the most often
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20 shows I've rewatched the most often

My go-to comfort shows when I can’t find anything to watch

20 shows I've rewatched the most often

So we've all been there, so don't try and deny it cause I will know. So for starters, raise your hand if you rewatched a show because you've just finished watching a really great show and now you're bored. So after searching in vain for a new show you want to watch, you go back to your trusty list of shows you know you will enjoy!! Also not sure what this says about my social life but narrowing down this list to just twenty was hard let me tell you!!



This show is probably my all-time favorite. I own every season on DVD and it was one of the first crime shows I watched. I fell in love with the show right off the bat and I can't tell you how many times I've binge-watched this series from the beginning or even just starting on a random season!! If I could pick one show out of every show or movie I have watched up to this point to watch again for the very first time it would be this show. Plus the chemistry between Bones and Booth is the best relationship ever!!



I loved this show so much. It's right up there with Bones as I started watching them both around the same time. I remember when I was younger, this was too scary for me but now it's one of my all-time fave shows!! You can't not love Castle!! Nathan Fillion is just all-around amazing and wonderful!!

Teen Wolf


I remember when I first started getting into darker fantasy this was my go-to show. Like Bones, I own every season on DVD and I was so sad to see it run its course. The storytelling and acting were so great. I can probably say some of the lines from this show word for word. Not to mention the memes are the best ever!! It doesn't matter what I have planned for the next day if I put Teen Wolf on, I'm going to be up till the odd hours of the night - more than likely the morning.



Do I really need to go into detail on this one? I mean cmon it's the reason I got Netflix in the first place - specifically so I could go back and watch the show from the beginning. I have since spent many nights and days picking a season or episode at random and just blazing my way through the series only to start all over once a new season comes out!! P.S. Sad for the last season of a great show.

Criminal Minds


Okay, who hasn't rewatched this show though? Like cmon, there are so many seasons and the cast/characters are so compelling it's impossible not to come back to this show at least once. Spencer is the purest cinnamon roll ever and that is an indisputable fact!

DragonBall Z


This one is on my list mainly because every spinoff/new edition to this series feels like I'm rewatching the original. There are so many versions/additions to this show that I'm just waiting for them to announce the next one! The overall theme of the stories never really change so it feels like you are just rewatching the series with some new additions. If you need a gateway to introduce you to anime, start here!!!

Naruto & Naruto Shippuden


Gateway Shonen anime!! Naruto Shippuden is one of the most classic and well-known anime of all time. With the overall show having 3 separate series like Dragon Ball, you'll have no problem with binge-watching this show!! I just hope you're in for the long haul cause there are so many episodes!!



Anime fans know any shonen type anime is always a good rewatch. I'm literally rewatching this as I'm typing the article. I just love everything about this show from the story to the characters, and even the music is awesome!! Bleach is one of the big 3 shonen anime and it earned its title for a reason - so give it a watch!



This show is guaranteed to get some laughs out of you!! Every season is another wacky adventure and James Roday is an adorable goof.

Superman & Batman the Animated Series



Thank you DC Universe for allowing me to watch these again. Even though I wasn't around when these were first airing, they quickly became part of my DC starter pack and I've never looked back!! Just finished rewatching both and they are a joy!



Once I got more into anime and understanding what it was, I was on this show like white on rice. It's a rollercoaster ride of laughs and cry's and it will always keep you coming back for more.

Attack On Titan


Another shonen fan favorite. I can't count how many times I've watched this show!! No matter how many times I've watched it, there's Swamy's some new clue you end up noticing, and the story is so riveting it's impossible not to get sucked in.



This show was the non-DC version of the suicide squad. After the insurance company denied his claim for money to afford a special medication for his dying son Nate, Ford decides to try his luck on the other side of the law. Forming a team of highly skilled criminals, they vow to take down the corrupt people that no one else can by providing leverage. My mom and I love to watch this show when it was on, and if we get the chance we absolutely enjoy watching reruns too.

Yuri On Ice


So much Gayness and I couldn't be more happy about it!! If you love alerts anime, competitive Figure skating and plenary of gayness watch this show!! I can't tell you how many times I've gotten to the last episode and been so disappointed that there's not more than one season. Like we've been waiting for so - long please put us out of our misery!!

K (K Project)


This is an odd show - mixing the fantasy and style of an anime with a gangster tv show, and somehow it works. I can't explain what drew me to this show - only that it's awesome and I love rewatching it.

Black Butler


The best way to describe this show without spoiling it is as follows. The show is centered around a spoiled, manipulative aristocratic young boy and his demon butler set in Victorian London!!! All I can say is that the dynamic between Ciel and Sebastian is absolutely pure gold and this show is phenomenal!!!

Bungo Stray Dogs


When I originally tried to watch this I just couldn't get into the story and dropped it after like 2 episodes. Fast forward sometime later and I ended binge-watching the entire season. Bungo Stray Dogs is the product of mixing metahuman abilities, futuristic tech and a crime show merged together. Seriously, this is such a unique show you'll have no trouble wanting to watch it again and again!!

Gakuen Babysitters


This is such a cute anime!! Like the little babies are so pure and adorable you have to watch it. If you want a feel-good, heartwarming show to pass the time and enjoy anime, watch this show.



Despite the fact that there are only 3 episodes per season, the show more than makes up for it with the episode length and the storytelling!! I got into watching this last year and I was drawn in. If you love Sherlock, go watch it on Netflix like now!!



It's been a long time since I've watched this show but anytime it was on the air and I was born, I'd just turn the channel to ION and catch reruns of this show!! Flashpoint has a great and fun cast, and it was a great crime show to get into about a special task force!!

Well, there you have it!! 20 of my favorite shows to rewatch when I get stuck in a rut for watching TV. Now with that, I am off to more than likely go and rewatch these shows once again now that I am thinking about them!! See you when I resurface from my binge-watching fest!!

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