19 Super Special Awesome Apartment Things
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Student Life

19 Super Special Awesome Apartment Things

Gifs of cats and other things to help remind you of things to bring to your new home.

19 Super Special Awesome Apartment Things

If you're like many college students, you're finally out of the dorms. You've done the paperwork, found the roommates and signed the lease!

Now it's time to move in.

You look at the empty walls and clear floors. You've brought the appropriate fandom posters and well-loved couches and microwaves to fill the space to make it your own.

But did you remember these?

1. Pen

This may seem quite silly and trite, but trust me, when your landlord/lady/grounds manager rolls up with the paperwork craving your signature, you bet your bottom dollar you're going to wish you had one.

2. Your elf-eyes

Examining your apartment for flaws you didn't put there is critical. You won't have to pay later if you mark them all.

3. Camera

This will help you show all of your roommates who didn't move in with you the space you're going to be living in, and it also assists with the flaws problem in case there's a dispute when you move out.

4. Mountain Money

For those lost on the mountain with this one - your friendly neighborhood toilet paper. If you have to go to the bathroom as you're settling in, it's best to not have to run to the store with your legs crossed while you're at it.

5. Hand soap

You'll get your hands gritty and nasty moving some things, and probably have to go to the bathroom. Best to be sanitary, right?

6. A hand towel

And of course, you're going to want to dry your hands on something besides your pants.

7. Paper towels

To clean, mop up a mess, dry your mother's tears... you know.

8. A door mat

A little out there, but it brings an immediate homey feel and keeps your floor from getting gross right off the bat.

9. Sponges

In case something got dirty during the move, you'll have something to clean it up with that's reusable.

10. Wet wipes (bleach or ammonia, one or the other only)

If you've never bought your own cleaning supplies, it'll be tempting to buy whatever's cheapest, but make sure to get the same products (either all bleach, or all ammonia) to keep yourself from getting into trouble...such as poisoning yourself.

Anyways, these wet wipes will help get off bigger goobers the cleaners may have missed, and make you feel a little more sanitary.

11. Dishes

If you're moving long distance, you'll have all of this at once. If you're moving in bit by bit, bring some to put in the dishwasher to make sure it works. That way you can address it with maintenance immediately.

12. Dishwasher soap

In order for number 11 to work.

13. Your investigative skills

Turn on every tap, flush every toilet, run every appliance, try every door, lock and window. The sooner you do it the sooner it will be fixed!

14. Ice Trays

You should have these in your fridge, but fill them up so they'll set. If you're moving in during the summer months (*cough cough* for college) it'll be sweet relief later.

15. Friends

Whether it be your mom, your whole family, or friends and roommates, the more the merrier with at least getting your stuff into the place. You'll also have more fun.

16. Trashcan

Your apartment won't come with one, and it'll do wonders when you've got packing tape and random plastic bits everywhere.

Bonus round: Bring some plastic bags too!

17. Toolbox

Prep by going through your stuff and seeing what assembly is required, but you'll need some nails, maybe a screw or two, and you'll definitely need a couple basics (like a hammer and screwdriver) on hand in case something needs to get fixed.

18. Candle

Your place may smell weird, and you could bring an air freshener of some sort too, but a candle adds some nice ambiance.

19. Some snacks!

After you and your help have finished, it'll be nice to sit, enjoy the accomplishment, and having something to eat before you all kill each other because you're hangry.

Best of luck to you, and take a deep breath! A new leg of your adventure begins!

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