17 Things Anyone Who Has Ever Stood CMOD Will Understand
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Student Life

17 Things Anyone Who Has Ever Stood CMOD Will Understand

The Typical Quest to Keep the Deck Secure, As Told Through Gifs

17 Things Anyone Who Has Ever Stood CMOD Will Understand

There are few things a Midshipman loves more than going on watch as the Company Mate of the Deck. From the watch-belt to the irritating pressure of a cover pressing against your forehead, some of the most enjoyable moments you'll have the Academy are centered around your company's mate's desk. Here are some of those moments we all have experienced while protecting the deck:

1. Dreading going on watch, and reluctantly accepting your bitter fate.

Yes, you will survive the next six hours of back to back watch. Even if you hate every second. Everything will be OKAY.

2. Standing watch on a weekend and staring at empty halls for hours at a time.

The boredom starts to set in. You think of all the things you could be doing as a free Mid. Somehow the walls become very interesting to stare at.

3. Having that one upperclassmen pass you half a dozen times and not knowing whether to greet them.

You're not sure whether it would be worse to stare at them as they pass, ignore them, or annoy them by saying hello. There is no right decision, only awkwardness.

4. Finding out the hottest gossip while standing at the CMOD desk.

It seems like people forget you're standing right there at the mate's desk. Some things that are said can never be unheard. Sometimes things are kept very interesting.

5. Running out of lines on a log sheet and awkwardly asking someone to print out a new one for you.

Or getting on watch and finding out there are two lines left on the sheet. Thank you, so much.

6. Either getting a lot accomplished or doing absolutely nothing.

There is no in between. You will either do everything you wanted to do or nothing at all.

7. Having to watch people take the food left at the mate’s desk while not being able to take any for yourself.

You try not to look it, but you're actually just dying a little bit on the inside.

8. Forgetting to make rounds.

You could have sworn you just made a round five minutes ago. But those five minutes have actually turned into 25.

9. Tracking down the person who is late to relieve you.

They might only be two minutes late, but it feels like an eternity and you are running out of patience. If they are just chilling in their rooms, you feel like you're being tested.

10. Rushing back on deck from class to make sure you can relieve someone as quickly as possible.

Especially if that person's next class is in Sampson, Rickover or Nimitz. The Plebe Shuffle is actually useful sometimes.

11. Making eye contact with the CMOD of the adjacent company and silently marking your territory.

Guarding your side of the double doors is of the highest importance. No one messes with your company (or stares for longer than necessary) when you're on watch.

12. Realizing you have a massive red line engraved into your head from wearing your cover for so long.

Even though it shows up every time, you'll always be surprised.

13. Getting anxious when the phone on deck starts to ring and not knowing what to expect.

You'll try to remember exactly what to say and stumble over your words (and sound like an idiot) most of the time anyways.

14. Seeing someone come on deck and not being able to see if they are an officer, resulting in an inner panic attack when thinking about whether or not to salute.

Alternatively, knowing someone is an officer but not being able to make out if you should call "Attention on Deck" or not.

15. Hearing bizarre noises.

There's always that random room complete with screaming roommates and explainable sounds.

16. Becoming an expert at keeping the deck secure.

Obviously, there shouldn't be any explosions in your company area. But you feel good knowing you kept the deck secure under your watch,

17. The irreplaceable relief of being relieved. (And knowing you’ll be back on watch soon enough).

Back to a watch-free life. Until that next fateful watchbill comes out.

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