15 Reasons Coming Home to Pets is Just the BEST
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15 Reasons Coming Home to Pets is Just the BEST

Because pets are your forever-family

15 Reasons Coming Home to Pets is Just the BEST

Coming home wouldn't feel right if I didn't have my pets to look up at me with a smile in their eyes the minute I get there. My home wouldn't be complete at all without them there. If I'm stressed from a long day, I know I'm always welcome at home because I can wrap my arms around my dog and hold my pet rats to my chest as I relax from whatever happened during the day. My pets are my family, and there will always be a place for them in my heart for as long as I live. Here are my reasons why coming home to pets is the absolute best part of my day.

1. Being greeted by Lucky

2. Being greeted by my rats

3. Seeing Lucky smile

4. Watching Lucky turn into a sausage

5. Having my rats snuggle with me while I do homework

6. Having my dog lay down by my bed and hang out with me

7. If it's a stressful day, Lucky will come on my couch with me and expects belly rubs

8. Watching my rats clean themselves

9. Being able to scratch Dumbo's favorite spot and watch her fall asleep in my lap

10. Not being able to go anywhere in my house without Lucky following me there, including the bathroom

11. Taking the many pictures of my dog because she's so photogenic

12. Taking photos of my rats because they're photogenic, too!

13. Giving my rats all the yummy treats they deserve

14. Watching my rats play

15. Knowing that they're my forever-family even though Lucky doesn't exactly love my rats as much as I do

No matter what type of pet you have, you know that the feeling of coming home and seeing their faces after a long day is the best. Knowing that you are everything to your pets and them seeing you makes their day is probably one of the best feelings in the world. They love you unconditionally and we're their world. Pets aren't animals, they're family, and I love how I will always have something good to come home to.

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