15 Daily Thoughts I Have While Scrolling Through Facebook

15 Daily Thoughts I Have While Scrolling Through Facebook

11. Does Russia want me to see this ad?

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Whether we consciously realize it or not, we think many of the same thoughts while scrolling through Facebook.

Most of the time, we might roll our eyes about the latest post that we see. Other times, we stick around for a little longer to look at someone’s profile that we forgot about.

The following 15 thoughts cross my mind during the time that I spend on Facebook each day:

1. Why did she comment on that post from seven years ago?

Please … I really don’t want to see what the 2011 version of myself thought about some obsolete trend.

2. *Sees new party photo* Wow, I guess she rallied after last night.

I wonder if she even went to bed or is on a continuous party circuit.

3. If he sends me ONE more game request …

The last game I played was Icy Tower in 2010. I’m really not interested.

4. People still create albums?

Am I the only one who still uses iPhoto and doesn’t share every moment of my life?

5. Oh, look, it’s the latest installment of her public diary.

I’m truly sorry that you think everyone around you is fake. I guarantee, though, that your Facebook diary is not coming off as any more authentic.

6. Wait, you can still poke people?

Certain features deserved to be left in the last decade.

7. Man, she's interested in every New York City event.

Not to mention, her travel fare must be outrageous.

8. I swear, I don’t remember liking this page.

Either that or I was incredibly naive because I wouldn’t knowingly like anything so blatantly sexist.

9. Yes, I do know that person, but I definitely don’t want to “friend” them.

The second cousin who I’ve never met? I’m sure he is as interested about my life as I am about his.

10. Oh, great, another Trump supporter.

Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate who I keep on here from high school.

11. Does Russia want me to see this ad?

*Squints suspiciously*

12. We get it, you’re going to be gainfully employed next year.

Something tells me that the announcement didn’t need to come in January, though.

13. ANOTHER graduate school ad?

Look, I get that I’ve searched them a lot, but Facebook is supposed to be my break from the harsh reality of my future.

14. Wow, he’s aged!

We graduated four years ago; how does he look like a different person already?

15. How many life journeys will she go on before she stops posting about them?

Seriously? I’m the only one tired of it?

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