14 Female Characters That Got Me Through The Hard Times
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14 Female Characters That Got Me Through The Hard Times

Sometimes, you need a strong female friend from the fictional world

14 Female Characters That Got Me Through The Hard Times
Toa Heftiba

It's nice to watch films and T.V. and read books and have the ability to relate to fictional characters when you need a friend.

When we have hard times, there are a lot of coping mechanisms we can turn to - funny movies, books, a warm cup of coffee, and of course, some kick-butt characters.

Watching shows and films and reading books that involve amazing female characters allowed me to get through the hard times and learn from them.

1. Olivia Benson

Once Detective, then Seargent, now Lieutenant Benson does not take crap from anyone, is great with kids, a good listener, and a strong advocate.

2. Meredith Grey

Although people claim that Dr. Grey is one of the worst characters, I do not believe that. She has been through a lot of heartbreak, bad luck, and losses of loved ones and she is still standing strong as a successful surgeon with one of the brightest smiles and knows how to turn her pain into power.

3. Natasha Romanov

The Avengers franchise is one of my favorite superhero series of all times. With Black Widow's red hair, skill fighting, and black outfits, she taught me how to turn my greatest weaknesses into my greatest strengths. I even dressed up as her as a couple of times for Homecoming Week in high school.

4. Temperance Brennan

I have watched this show since 10th grade and still appreciate her quirks and resilience. She is a successful crime novel author and forensic anthropologist. She taught me that there is always somebody for everybody. She may struggle with empathy and that not everything is literal, but she and Booth (polar opposites) manage to make a great pair.

5. Hermione Granger

The Hogwarts student has managed to both get kick-butt grades and save the world with her best friends at the same time. She's a strategist, fiercely loyal to her loved ones, made one of the biggest character developments from an annoying know-it-all to a more compassionate and wise-beyond-her-years witch.

6. Lorelai Gilmore

She is a fiercely independent babbler with an encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture. Lorelai may have been really young when she had Rory, but she managed to raise her right and be an awesome mom.

7. Elle Woods

Her peers viewed her as a gorgeous, but dumb blonde. On the inside, she is tough, intelligent, and doesn't judge people. Instead of being a doormat, she works hard to get into Harvard Law, focuses on her studies, and handles bullies with grace. I am still impressed that she is able to study, while she's on an elliptical. Bonus points to her for being a dog lady.

8. Matilda

Despite having lazy parents and a brother, Matilda did not allow them to force her to watch T.V. Instead, she turns to books and continues to allow her intelligence to rise each day and she cuts toxic people out of her life, including her parents. She taught me that we're never too old or young to stand up for ourselves, how to be independent, and never stop reading.

9. Cristina Yang

She's brilliant, driven, and hysterical. Dr. Yang knows what she wants, is relentlessly loyal, never settles, and gives the best advice. Shonda, please bring her back to the show already! Cristina needs Meredith and Meredith needs Cristina.

10. Belle

Out of all the Disney princesses, I relate to Belle the most because of our love for books. I love how she doesn't dumb herself down just to make someone happy, has no trouble speaking her mind, and how she uses her imagination.

11. Olivia Pope

Regardless of my disagreements with her choices in romance, she amused me with her coat and purse game. I love how she fights for her clients, her ability to not spill red wine on her white attire, refusal to give up until an issue is solved, her way of laying down the ground rules.

12. Addison Montgomery

She may be Derek Shepherd's ex-wife. Most people never like the ex-girlfriends or the ex-wives because of fear coming between the OTPs. 5 seconds after her first appearance on Grey's Anatomy, the first thought I had was how I much I love her red hair and if she posts makeup tutorials for a hobby. She turned out to be better than I expected. She's goregous, smart, and hilarious.

13. Cookie Lyon

This ex-wife of a music mogul and mother of 3 slays the screen with her blunt, sassy attitude, and lack of filter. I don't remember watching an episode of "Empire" without her making me laugh or route for her.

14. Jasmine

Years later, my admiration for her independence and courage to stand up for herself has never changed.

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