13 Reasons Trader Joe's Is The GOAT
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13 Reasons Trader Joe's Is The GOAT

Take A Vacation To The Grocery Store

13 Reasons Trader Joe's Is The GOAT
Buffalo Rising

Since going to college and learning that not all grocery stores are equal, I have come to the conclusion that Trader Joe's (TJ's) is the greatest grocery store in the world. Like seriously though, they have everything I need and it's all relatively healthy.

I can walk into TJ's and pick out some affordable beautiful flowers for myself then glide into the produce section where they have all the essentials as well as seasonal produce. In the aisles, they hide all the wonderful things Trader Joe's has to bless the earth with.

They have frozen pizza, sparkling limeade, and skin care products all for a great price. It is basic, I will admit, but it saves time and energy comparing labels of brands and prices. They have such great customer service that is exponentially better than the angry lady at Walmart. I love this store, its values, and the overall experience. Here are 13 reasons why you should start shopping at Trader Joe's and leave Whole Foods/ Walmart/ Target behind:

1. Free Samples

One of the finer things in life is samples. Like honestly, how does one not enjoy free food? Trader Joe's samples are above and beyond in the free food market because they will literally let you sample whatever you want. Literally Anything.

2. Paradise In Every Isle

Going to this grocery store is like taking a mini vacation. The workers even wear Hawaiian shirts and will sometimes hand out leis. TJ's wants you to feel like you and your mouth are in paradise.

3. Artsy AF

Every TJ's has an in-store artist that is always changing signs and updating the artwork to make the store more fun and different. They are your sketch note goals.

4. Low Prices

Putting Whole Foods to shame. Boom.

5. Gluten Free Friendly

As someone who can't eat gluten because of health reasons, Trader Joe's is clutch in providing gluten free noodles, cookies, flour, and even vitamins. I and my GI tract bless you TJ's.

6. Organic

I don't know why people are so fussy about organic food, but if you're into that sort of thing, Trader Joe's has got you covered.

7. Cheap Wine

TWO BUCK CHUCK!!! Okay, maybe it's $4 now, but who cares? It's cheap and delicious.

8. Seasonal Foods

Heck yeah they have fresh quality produce during the right time of the year. They know we don't need stuffing mix in July.

9. Trader Joe's Brand

Normally I am not a generic brand lover, but Trader Joe's is the exception. They have the best cookie butter, pasta sauce, facial scrub, just to name a few. Woot-Woot!

10. Beauty Products

Save yourself from designer shampoo that is way too expensive because TJ's has $3.99 shampoo and conditioner. It makes me Tea Tree Tingle-y just thinking about it.

11. Customer Service

These people are the most chill of grocery store employees. But then again who wouldn't love to work in a grocery store if you can make upwards of $40K and health insurance?! Also, you get a nautical title, Aye aye Captain!

12. Donating Unsold Food

Giving back to the community is rad. Plus everyone deserves to enjoy Trader Joe's!

13. Bells Bells Bells!

I'm not positive, but there's probably a statistic on enjoying life and the ringing of bells. Either way, TJ's is way too cool to use a PA system, and I dig it.

Next time you think about going to Whole Foods for some food, hit up Trader Joe's for some Jo Joe's or Cookie Butter. You're Welcome.

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