13 Reasons I Will Always Be A Swiftie
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13 Reasons I Will Always Be A Swiftie

Even with not releasing music, and going through lots of personal issues, Taylor Swift still slays the game.

13 Reasons I Will Always Be A Swiftie
Taylor Swift

Despite it being over two years since '1989' was released, and only getting the song that she did with Zayn for Fifty Shades Darker, I'm still a die-hard swiftie. I know I'm not the only one who is anxiously waiting for her to drop a new album, and hoping that it will be released later this fall.

Even with not releasing music, and going through lots of personal issues, Taylor Swift still slays the game, and here are 13 Reasons Why I Will Always Love Taylor Swift.

1. She's Gotten Me Through The Good and Bad Times

When I want to jam in my car to songs like "Shake It Off", "New Romantics" or "Style" that perfectly just get me pumped, and ready to take on the world T-Swift has got me covered. Then there are those songs that just make you get into your feelings such as, "Fearless", "Tim McGraw", "Teardrops On My Guitar", and "All Too Well" never fail to match up to my mood, so thanks for that T.

2. She Gives Her Fans Unconditional Love

No matter how busy she may be she always takes out time for her fans. She does parties for her fans after a show like most recently Loft '89 where her mom and other members of her team go out, and pick fans throughout the show (ultimately making anyone's dreams come true).

She visits fans in the hospital and goes through hours and hours of meet-and-greets. Also, Taylor is known for going on Tumblr and responding on that social media platform. Do you remember 'Swiftmas' when she gave out Christmas presents to fans?! I rest my case that she truly loves her fans.

3. Her 'Squad' is literally goals

I pretty much love everyone in this girl squad and love when I see pictures on social media of them all together. She's got A-List celebs, loyal school friends who have been there since the beginning, Victoria Secret models, and more.

This squad includes Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, Lily Aldridge, Cara Delevingne, Karlie Kloss, Martha Hunt, Lorde, Ruby Rose, Blake Lively, Britany LaManna, Abigail Anderson, and all I can say is goals.

4. She's a role model and stays true to herself

She doesn't apologize for being who she is, and sets an example for young girls throughout the world. She got a lot of hate from the transition from country to pop, but she doesn't try to ignore that, and rather admits to it. She's a growing artist, and changes are bound to happen.

She had this description on one of her albums, "From the girl who said she would never cut her hair or move to New York or find happiness in a world where she is not in love... love Taylor." She cannot please everyone, but she has to make music that believes is her, and true fans will still love, and appreciate that. She handles the world with grace, sass, and kindness.

5. She's still friends with Abigail

Anyone remember red-headed Abigail from Taylor's song "Fifteen"? Well, she's still around, and the two are still the best of friends.

6. She's dorky, but I love it

She's literally such an adorable human with a very light, and bubbly personality. Her dance moves are like none other, and always seem to put a smile on my face because she always looks like she's having the best time.

7. She slays the style game

No matter what she is wearing she looks flawless.

8. No matter the success she remains humble

Taylor Swift has been extremely successful, and there's no doubt about that. Her albums are one of a kind, and she probably has endless amount of awards for her music, but she doesn't let it get to her head.

She knows who she is, and never lets that go no matter how successful she is. She remains kind, and thoughtful to everyone she meets, and is grateful for every award or opportunity she has. Just another reason to love her. She is so down-to-earth.

9. Taylor and her cats

Who doesn't love Meredith and Olivia?! They're so precious, and we love when Taylor shares their cuteness on social media platforms.

10. Her lyrics are completely relatable

For anything you're going through her song lyrics hit the spot. Sometimes I find myself through Taylor's songs, and it always makes me feel better somehow.

11. She has the best shows

Seriously. Out of all the concerts I have been to, Taylor's are absolutely the best. They are not even comparable to other concerts because she is literally in a league of her own.

Through all of her costume changes, her props, personality through each song, and when she goes on the piano it's the best. During her 1989 tour she brought on a celebrity guest at every show, and at the Dallas show, it so happened to be Ellie Goulding which was so exciting.

12. The love that she has for her family

Above all family is the most important thing, and Taylor loves her family to the end of this earth. Taylor and her mom are the absolute cutest. Her song "Best Day" is dedicated to her mother. She takes her brother, Austin as her red carpet date sometimes, and of course is close with her dad.

13. Her love for the number 13

Often times Taylor is wearing a hand drawn or painted number 13 on her hand, and it's because it is her lucky number. For some other reasons why she loves it is that she was born on the 13th of December, her first album went gold in 13 weeks, her first number one song had a 13 second intro, and she says that "Basically whenever a 13 comes up in my life, it's a good thing."

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