13 Reasons Why I Chose Whitworth
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13 Reasons Why I Chose Whitworth

That small private school in little ole Spokane, Washington.

13 Reasons Why I Chose Whitworth

As the Odyssey officially launches at Whitworth University, I thought I would share some of the reasons why I chose the small private school in little ole Spokane, Washington. After reading this, I bet you won't believe that I actually hated Whitworth the first time I came for a campus tour. I don't know what I was thinking. In my opinion, Whitworth holds some of the most special and unique individuals, and I have enjoyed every second of my time here. You know how people have a lot of pride in their school, well, us Whitworthians have a lot to say.

1. Our small student body consists of 2,500 undergraduates so you know a majority of the people in your class, as well as those above and below you.

Sometimes it's really fun, and other times it's really terrible.

2. That reminds me of the hello walk. It's called the hello walk because every time you walk past someone you know, there's this unspoken expectation that you tell them hi.

*looks down or at phone to avoid making eye contact*

3. The old-fashioned brick buildings.

Literally every building is made of brick.

3. Our pine trees

RIP to all our 130 trees that were lost in the 2015 wind storm. We will never forget how you made our loop look so pretty.

4. The little 3

Before you graduate, you must: catch a virgin pinecone, drop a plate in Saga, and get hit in the head with a frisbee.


Our campus is littered with little furry friends all year round. During the fall they're especially cute when they start packing on the winter weight. Plus, it's always a competition to see who can get the closest to one.

6. Hammocking

Sun's out, hammocks out. You can guarantee to see at least one person napping in their ENO cocoon with their Atlas straps. If you don't have XL, you're missing out.

7. Disc Golf/Frisbee/Frolf

We like frisbees yes we do, we like frisbees how about you?!? There's at least three different official courses on campus plus actual targets in the back 40. Whitworth starter pack: ENO hammock, a frisbee, and a pair of chacos or birks.

8. We're basically Narnia

DO YOU NOT SEE THE WINTER WONDERLAND IN WHICH WE LIVE? At any moment Aslan could arrive and the lanterns glowing against the powdery white snow makes it seem like we live in a snow globe.

9. Camp Whitworth

All new freshies get to participate in Traditiation the first weekend of school. We've got Mock Rock, Yell Off, and Hallin'. Don't forget about Fancy Feast. Seriously, no one ever wants this weekend to end.

10. Our sports teams

We've won the Northwest Conference all-sports team award for nine years in a row. We love football and we love our basketball teams. Go Bucs!

11. We're not just a number

Our classes are small, sometimes too small, but at least we'll always know at least one person in a new class. Our faculty are some of the best around. They know us by name and will even invite us over to their houses for dinner. Never pass up a chance for homemade food.

12. We're Christian, but we don't force Christianity down your throat.

We offer optional chapel services twice a week and worship services on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. They're usually pretty packed with standing room only, but if that's not your thing, then you don't have to worry about it!

13. Beck Taylor

Our fearless leader is a staple on campus. If he speaks to you, it's basically as if you just met the Queen of England or something. He's kind of a big deal. We love Beck because he's funny, genuine, and works hard to keep our school running smoothly. Plus, if you ever get a chance to play frisbee with him, it's something you'll be bragging about for the rest of your life.

Did I forget anything?

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