All biology majors at any college are the same. We all go through the same struggles and die because of the same hard classes. Whether you see us being zombies in the library or rushing to morning or afternoon lab, we are pretty easy to spot. Here are 12 ways you know you are or are dealing with a biology major.

1. You are consistently in lab and are jealous of people that don't have to spend six-plus hours in lab a week

2. You know weird science facts from all the different biology classes you have taken

3. You understand science jokes and even find some funny

4. Organic Chemistry and Physics has been the death of you and you wonder why you have to take them

5. You have had at least one class in a giant lecture hall, allowing you to sleep, text and not pay attention.

6. Your room is the definition of a bio major filled with goggles, lab coats, lab notebooks, dissection kits and lab notebooks.

7. Your friends ask you for help when they take Biology 101 to just fulfill their common core

8. You know all of the biology professors because there aren't many so they all teach multiple classes and it feels like some are so used to people failing.

9. Organic chemistry killed you or is currently killing you ( Listed twice because I am dying!)

10. People automatically assume you are Pre-med and want to become a doctor

11. You wonder why you are putting yourself through the struggle but then remember science is kind of cool.

12. You hope this struggle at least means a good job in the future

Here's to all the biology majors, may our struggle mean something in the future.