Obama/Biden memes were the only thing that made me and many others smile after the frightening result of the election. Their bromance reflected in these memes instantly made me feel better and distracted me from reality. Here are just a few of my favorites that are guaranteed to make you laugh too.

1. When Biden once again displayed his undeniable love for ice-cream

2. When Joe asked Obama what all of us have wondered at some point

3. When Obama's and Biden's bromance was real

4. When Joe wanted to make Trump's visit to the White House entertaining

5. And then got his entire squad to help him out.

6. When Biden wanted to move in with his best friends. #roomiesforever

7. When Biden wanted Trump and his tiny hands to feel welcome

8. When he decided that pointing was cooler than waving

9. When he was set on being adopted by Barack and Michelle

10. When he made it clear that the State Of The Union should always be on fleek

11. When Biden understood our fear of spiders

12. And when Biden decided that wifi was not meant for everyone

Thank you two for everything for these past 8 years. You will be missed.