12 Things "Not-So-Southern" Southern Belles Know
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12 Things "Not-So-Southern" Southern Belles Know

Live below the Mason-Dixon but STILL feel confused or baffled by the lingo, culture, and traditions of the South? You're not alone.

12 Things "Not-So-Southern" Southern Belles Know
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Welcome to the South! Home of “Y’all,” raised trucks, buttered everything (sorry, Paula Deen), country music, sweet tea, and the Confederate flag! Sound familiar, anyone?

Well, for some of us ladies down here below the Mason-Dixon, we just don’t fit in with that Southern lifestyle. You may have tried to understand/partake in the traditions of the South, but it's just not your thing. Maybe your family isn’t originally from the South, or you’re a native Southerner that moved away then back, or you’re coming from an outsider state to go to college down here… or maybe you just don’t roll that way!

1. You tend not to stick with the conventional "Southern" lingo.

You're confused sometimes... because obviously "cattywampus" is a weird name for an animal, "Bless your heart" is an empathetic saying, and "buggy" is just a general name for an insect. Also, you may or may not receive weird looks when you say "you guys" instead of "y'all."

2. Lilly... Lilly, everywhere.

There's a Lilly Pulitzer store in every mall, shopping center, or Main St. and you probably avoid these stores at all costs. Monograms are cute, and the pretty pink, green, and blue floral patterns are cool, but you would never get caught wearing it.

3. Football game attire is questionable.

When you go to slip on some shorts and your favorite team's t-shirt, you promptly stick out like a sore thumb... especially during pre-game tailgating! I guess no one informed you that the Southern college girl football game uniform is dresses and cowboy boots...

4. You don't understand the fascination with the massive lifted trucks.

So, that guy from your Wellness class who is always staring at you somehow got your number and sent you this. You probably didn't respond. I'll stick to my humble sedan. Thanks.

5. You will never understand why there is a church on literally every single street corner.

I think the point says everything.

6. Lack of pronunciation...

You know you're in the South when... but seriously, how hard is it to say (or spell) firewood?

7. Cracker Barrel, KFC, Bojangles, and just about every other place's sweet tea is too sweet for you.

When you can take a single sip and your tongue feels like it's covered in some type of slimy film, that's how you know it's diabetes in a cup. No thanks.

Now don't get me wrong, I like sweetened tea, but maybe we need to take it down a little bit?

8. "You're not from here."

I can't tell you how many times I've gotten "Where are you from?" "What's your accent?" or "You talk too fast! Talk Southern!" Seriously, I hear that last one all the time.

So, in my heart, I'm not really a Southerner. By birth, yes. I am. It's weird, I know.

You get used to it.

9. You may or may not be the only person in your University that does not like country music.

Seriously, go anywhere here in the South and you can't get away. Toby Keith, Tim McGraw, and Kenny Chesney everywhere. Not to mention finding a radio station that's not country. Yea, growing up here, you may tolerate it. Honestly, I'de rather jam to some Twenty One Pilots or Beyoncé.

10. You wish you lived somewhere not so hot and humid.

One of the "great" things about the South is the weather. I'll take a dry 75 degree day over 110 percent humidity at 98 degrees any day. Not to mention what the humidity does to your hair.

The locals say you get used to it. They lied.

11. Fried. Everything.

Don't get me wrong. A little fried chicken once every couple weeks isn't a bad thing, but down here, you can't get away. Everything is fried. Fried Oreos. Fried chicken. Fried bologna. Fried cookie dough. Fried fish. Fried cotton candy. You name it — Southerners can fry it.

If you're like me, it may just be a nightmare. #PaulaDeen #butter #friedeverything

12. In the end... you like your home.

For real though, with my dad from New York and mom from Missouri, I grew up in a different family. As a Not-So-Southern girl from a Kinda-Southern family, I definitely don't fit in down here. However, I wouldn't have it any other way!

Hey. Even with all that junk that floats around about being a "true southern girl," you know you're still a bad*ss.

Keep rocking, guys.

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