12 Reasons Why White Chicks Is A Great Movie
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12 Reasons Why White Chicks Is A Great Movie

Someone "hold my poodle" as I list why

12 Reasons Why White Chicks Is A Great Movie

Marlon and Shawn Wayans entertained people of the 90s with their hilarious comedy television show, The Wayans Bros. Their show only last for four seasons but the brothers continued to remain successful throughout the years. In 2004, their hit comedy/crime movie White Chicks was debuted. Till this day, the movie is still spoken about and everyone still has to clutch their sides while dying of laughter every time that they watch it. Many fans have asked for a sequel but their wishes haven't been granted yet. The film is definitely one of the best comedy movies around and here's why:

1. Shawn and Marlon are in it

In the movie, Shawn portrayed the characters Kevin Copeland & Brittany Wilson and Marlon, Marcus Copeland & Tiffany Wilson. The two brothers naturally have the gift of being able to make people laugh. If you see the suave pair on TV or in a movie, you automatically know that you should be prepared to laugh your head off.

2. Two black men disguised as white women

It's appalling that no one in the movie recognized that these two young, white heiresses were actually black men.

3. "Tiffany" and Latrell's date

*Latrell is played by Terry Crews*

Unwillingly, Marcus had to go on a date with Latrell and it was the most cringe worthy, funny thing ever. It's not the typical date you'd want to go on. The food looked amazing though.

4. "Tiffany" eating like a pig

That awkward moment when you try to be unattractive but it somehow makes you more appealing.

5. Latrell and his love of white chocolate

For some reason in the movie, he was seen as part of the "white crew." He almost presented himself as a white person and even made a double entendre comment: "Didn't anyone tell you that this is an all-white party, huh? Someone get this jiggaboo away from me" when he finally found out that Kevin wasn't actually Tiffany. Undoubtedly, if he had to choose between dark chocolate and white chocolate, he would choose the latter.

6. Latrell singing "A Thousand Miles"

This was and still is the best thing ever. I'm pretty sure every time you hear this song, you think of White Chicks.

7. When Kevin pretended that he was someone else (ironic if you ask me)

He pretended to be Latrell (a famous basketball player) to impress a beautiful reporter, Denise Porter (played by Rochelle Aytes) who immediately captured his undivided attention. With the lavish house and lifestyle, Denise was quite impressed until she learned that Kevin wasn't actually who he claimed to be.

8. "Tiffany" and "Brittany" getting hit on

Those guys were messing with the wrong "females."

9. When Kevin and Marcus forgot that they were undercover as two women

Talk about breaking out of character.

10. The dance off

One word: epic.

11. Yo Mama Jokes

Never battle against Kevin and Marcus because they will roast you.

12. The laughter and joy the movie brings

As I stated before, this movie is outrageously funny. Beware: some scenes are inappropriate for people of a certain age.

If you haven't already seen the movie, I suggest you watch it as soon as possible (ASAP)! You definitely won't regret it.

Have a spectacular week everyone xo.

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