12 Reasons To Adopt A Pet
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12 Reasons To Adopt A Pet

I volunteered at an animal shelter, and it changed my life

12 Reasons To Adopt A Pet
NAFC Animal Shelter

Last summer, I volunteered at an animal shelter, and it changed my life. Seeing all those animals in need of love and a forever home broke my heart. It was hard because mostly puppies and kittens were adopted while older pets were left behind. Most of these animals were just excited to be visited, but their loud barks and playful jumps were mistaken for aggression. Here’s a few reasons why you should adopt.

1. Space

Shelters are overpopulated and, while I worked at a no kill shelter, once they’re at capacity the pets are sent elsewhere where they might be mistreated and killed. An adoption can help ease the space issues and guarantee better treatment and hope for pets.

2. Rehabilitation

Many animals in shelters have been collected from abusive homes or the streets where they were abandoned. While those cute eyes looking up at you might seem wary or that cat's hiss might seem menacing to you, what these pets need is a home where they will be treated with love that will rehabilitate them and fill them with joy.

3. Best friends

It’s no secret that pets and their owners quickly become best friends. Adopt and get yourself a best friend who will love you unconditionally and snuggle up to you when you’re sad.

4. Better with age

Kittens and puppies have much higher chances of being adopted, so when looking for a pet – consider an older one. Many of these animals are already trained and have lots of love to give. Sadly, they don’t have many years left, so adopt an older pet and give them the best years of their lives.

5. Don’t buy

Would you buy a baby? No? Well, why buy a pet? These creatures are now members of your family. They are not possessions ,but living creatures who deserve love and kindness.

6. Save a life

We all have the power to do remarkable things, to be a hero, and adopting is a great chance to do just that! These animals shouldn’t spend their lives in a cage, getting sporadic affection and falling in love with people who leave them behind. Moreover, as I’ve already mentioned, many of these animals might end up in certain shelters where they’ll be put to sleep. Adopt, and save a life!

7. Nice combo!

When you adopt, many shelters and clinics will offer special packages for vaccines, neutering/spaying, and other basic needs. Invest in a best friend and get a special bargain on their needs! What more could you ask for? Also, if you adopt an older pet, chances are their vaccinations are up-to-date, and they’ve already been spayed/neutered!

8. Irresponsibility redeemed

For every pet adopted at a shelter, there’s one less irresponsibility redeemed. Pets are constantly adopted as Christmas presents and promptly returned a few days after. Others are adopted as babies and abandoned as they get older because “they stopped being cute” (as if!). Adopting a pet means there’s one less animal abandoned and at risk due to irresponsible previous owners.

9. Great experience

Shelter pets have their own personalities and come in all size, shapes, ages, and colors! You can literally get any animal you want, and the workers at the shelter will surely be able to tell you all about their cute personalities and awesome traits. You’ll know exactly what to expect!

10. A lesson in compassion and responsibility

It’s no secret that pets are a huge responsibility. By adopting, you will not only teach your kids about being responsible, but they’ll also learn to be compassionate. They’ll see the reality of homelessness for animals and know the tragic backgrounds of many of them. This will open up their eyes to a whole new world.

11. Encouragement

Your adoption might influence others to go and adopt, too! Think about it: you get a super cute new best friend, you don’t pay much, you get adorable bragging rights and you save not just a life, but many more!

12. Unconditional love

Family and friends will always have arguments, but a pet will always love you. Your new best friend will curl up on your lap, lick your face, and cuddle with you. You are their whole world, so please consider adopting because only you have the power to save these little balls of love.

Pets are a huge responsibility, but they're also one of the greatest investments you can ever make. Not only are they great companions, but they teach us so much about the world and ourselves. So many animals are abandoned, mistreated and seeking love, so please consider going to your local shelter and giving a sweet little animal a forever home and all your love.

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