My dad always said on the way to the city, “There’s the Big Apple.” I always looked but I never saw the big piece of fruit anywhere. When we were young, we asked a lot of questions many of which did not make sense. Instead of answering, our parents probably laughed. Here’s a list of 12 common “stupid” questions we asked when we were kids.

How did my grandpa pull that coin out of my ear?

Are there such things as pink lemons?

Does a cow pee milk?

Is macaroni a noodle or a pasta?

Where does the water from the shower come from?

If I dig a hole big enough in the backyard, will I reach China?

Was the world black and white before colored TV?

Since your eyes are green, do you see everything green?

Where does the sun go when it gets dark?

Is your refrigerator running?

If I swallow a watermelon seed, will a tree grow in my tummy?

Why do I have to eat my vegetables when Daddy doesn’t eat his?