12 Pet Peeves While Driving
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12 Pet Peeves While Driving

If This Doesn't Describe Me I Don't Know What Does

12 Pet Peeves While Driving

We all have pet peeves. Whether it's loud chewing, use of filler words, or even someone bouncing their leg up and down while sitting next to you in class (YES, THAT'S RIGHT COLLIN, I'M TALKING TO YOU), It's even worse when you are behind the wheel of an automobile that can literally kill someone. Here are some pet peeves I have while I am out on the road.

1. Following Too Close

If you are right on my back bumper I WILL slam on the brakes. There's a part of me that wants to teach others a lesson because they follow too close.

2. Going Too Slow

If you're going below the speed limit just get off the road. Unless weather conditions are your reason for going slow, I do not appreciate it when anyone goes below the speed limit.

3. Not Using Your Signals

4. Going Too Slow In The Left Lane

If you are in the left lane (Which is the passing lane) and you see me driving behind you in your mirrors (Because you SHOULD be checking them) and don't move over to let me go, I question your driving skills. Check your mirrors.

5. Speeding Up and Slowing Down

Why? Just, why?! It's actually better for your mileage if you keep your speed relatively stable.

6. Being Right On My Bumper On A Hill

I drive an older stick shift car so there is a little roll back when I need to start in 1st gear. Always keep your distance especially on a hill.

7. Traffic In General

When you are in stop and go traffic driving a stick shift IT SUCKS!!! You're driving with two feet across three pedals and it's like going to leg day at the gym. It's just irritating how we can't drive.

8. Weaving In and Out of Traffic

We've all seen those people that are clearly more important than everyone else. They weave in and out through traffic putting everyone else at risk. My father could tell you horror stories about people like this that he has had to pull out of ditches because they zigged when they should have zagged.

9. Driving Up The Shoulder In A Traffic Jam

If we're all sitting in traffic you have to sit there just like everyone else unless there is a severe emergency. I can't count how many times my dad has blocked people from driving up the shoulder with our giant Ford F-450 pickup truck. You are not special in regards to this traffic jam! Get over yourself and be patient.

10. Texting And Driving

We all know we shouldn't do it but we tend to do it. Most people wait for a traffic light (At the very minimum). Personally, I use the Talk-To-Text feature on my iPhone so it works better than looking down and back up again.

11. Slowing Down For A Tunnel

IT'S JUST A ROAD THAT HAPPENS TO BE UNDER WATER!!! Don't think too hard about it! Just drive! It's not a big deal!

12. Waiting Until The Last Minute To Change Lanes When Your Lane Is Ending

The image above says it all. If you're this person YOU'RE THE REASON WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS!

Just use common sense on the road and don't do anything stupid. Be safe and give a little more room than you think. You never know when an accident is going to occur.

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