The 12 Kinds Of People You Meet When You Go To College In NYC
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The 12 Kinds Of People You Meet When You Go To College In NYC

The city that never sleeps... The students that know why.

The 12 Kinds Of People You Meet When You Go To College In NYC

College is a crazy time. New York City is a crazy place. The students here are, as a result, quite interesting...

Here are 12 types of people you meet in college in New York City:

1. The person who has traveled all over the world.

They are also probably a combination of (approximately) forty-seven different cultures, and love to prove it to you. They're super classy. Oh, and they speak six languages.

2. The person who monopolizes the entire classroom discussion.

And then apologizes. And then talks for another hour and a half. (A true indicator of a "seminar-style" education.)

3. The person who has famous and/or rich parents.

And, yeah, they totally lived in a loft on the Upper East Side their entire life but are dorming now "for the experience!"

4. The person who claims to be "non-judgmental" and "super liberal."

...but then they say they don't believe in privilege because "everyone has problems!"

5. The person who's so talented that it makes you want to hide under your covers and never, ever leave.

Performed on Broadway? Sang at Carnegie Hall? Exhibited photographs at an art museum? Been there, done that!

6. The person who's lived in NYC all their life.

-- and makes it a point that everyone knows this.

7. The person who's lived in New Jersey all their life.

-- and makes it a point that everyone knows this.

8. The person who hates the West Coast with a fiery passion.

They're either from the West Coast and are so glad to have escaped it or they've never stepped foot anywhere past Chicago... either way, they're so not into the West's sunny skies and "overly optimistic" nature.

9. The person who commutes from a different borough--

and still manages to have their eyeliner on point for their 8 a.m. literature class.

10. The person who's a little too obsessed with "city life."

They typically mention NYC in every school topic, like, ever. Taking a class on psychology? “Yeah, but what about the psychology of living in New York City?”

11. The person who's always late to class.

But they do it in such glamour and confidence that they were probably coming straight from something way more important. . like, the Grammys. Or the Emmys. Or… their bed.

12. The super ridiculously smart person.

They graduated at the top of their class, gave their graduation speech, are probably going to save the world... and totally could have gone to Stanford or Berkeley if it weren’t for the fact that it would have reallypained them to conform to such a “traditional” educational experience.

But in all seriousness, I've met some of the loveliest and most exquisite people in my classes in NYC. I wouldn't have traded this experience for the world.

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