7 Cool Things You Didn't Know About November

When we think November, we think Thanksgiving, fall, cuffing season, etc. Well, there is actually a lot more to this month than what meets the eye. Although the 11th month, November was originally the 9th month on the Roman calendar. The roots can be traced back to the original roman name for the month: "novem", meaning nine. I know, crazy. Although the line between fall and winter is sometimes blurry, November is also officially the last complete month of autumn. The month of scorpio and sagittarius has much more to it than just the birth stone of topaz. November is an awesome month that deserves more recognition, as it is often skipped over due to the anticipation of Christmas. Let's spread the love and give November some attention.

1. We can thank this month for giving us the BEST deals

Black Friday AND Cyber Monday ALL IN ONE MONTH!! I'll just leave that there.

2. Mark your calendars for the first Thursday...National Men Make Dinner Day

Let's clap it up for the men in our lives.


So many of our favorite celebrities graced this earth during the month of November. Kris Jenner, Lorde, Emma Stone, Adam DeVine. November is a hot bed of celebrity birthdays and we're not mad about it.

4. The board game Monopoly was born November 5, 1935

The Parker Brothers really outdid themselves with this one.

6. Happy national banana pudding lovers month! 

Treat yo self.

6. Veteran's Day

We take time out of our hectic lives to acknowledge the veterans who dedicated their lives to serving our country. This is one of the most important days of the year, and cannot be overlooked. November 11; mark your calendar.

7. The second week of November = heaven 

National split pea soup week. YUM.


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