New Years Resolutions Are Pointless
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Waiting Until The Start Of A New Year To Change Your Life For The Better Is Pointless

You need to make a change when you feel the most moved, not when society pressures you to do so.

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With a new year right around the corner, practically everyone is coming up with new year's resolutions to better themselves in 2019. Most people may want to lose weight, travel, or become more organized... but why do we have to wait for a calendar to end to do so?

After all, nothing really changes when the clock strikes midnight after December 31st. The earth rotates just the same as it did before. Time is just a concept that forces us to think this way on this commercialized day of the year. If you want to make a change in your life for the better, don't wait for a superficial end of a specific time to do so, do it ASAP. Putting off will only make you less motivated by the time you do start. If you are really passionate about making a change in your life, time is not an object. You need to make a change when you feel the most moved, not when society pressures you to do so.

In fact, you're probably more likely to succeed in making a change in your life if you don't give into the unwritten January 1st rule. Going at your own pace is the only way to make your wants and needs catered to your individual lifestyle. Besides, most people don't start their diets until January 2nd anyway.

Your life should not be constrained and measured by time. It should instead be measured by the journies you take. The song "Seasons of Love" from the musical, Rent never spoke about measuring a year by the amount of weight you lost or gain, but rather by the amount of love you have in it. A new year's resolution is essentially a promise to change yourself based on the unsatisfactory events of the past year. On New Year's Eve, we should try to think a little more positively about the year that has past. Dwelling on regrets is no way to live.

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