11 Times 'The Office' Perfectly Described Your Finals Season
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11 Times The Dunder Mifflin Employees Acted Like Finals Season Makes You Feel

Finals are Toby and I'm Michael Scott, I just want them gone.

11 Times The Dunder Mifflin Employees Acted Like Finals Season Makes You Feel

"The Office" is the best show of all time and I will argue that to my grave. I have watched the series through at least five times already, and I'm currently watching it again. It's like talking to an old friend. I know the show so well, but it never fails to entertain me.

I laugh, I cry and I get very emotionally attached to the characters and storylines. As I've been watching this time through, I've realized just how relatable this show is to the time in my life. I'm not working in an office and selling paper, but there are some quotes that just perfectly describe what the end of freshman year feels like, and I've compiled the ultimate list.

How you feel when you wake up on the weekends and realize you actually have to do work instead of sleeping all day.


I have four essays, a speech, a video project and six finals in the next two weeks, but I'm still watching "The Office" during my freetime instead of studying. It's all about balance.

When professors give you the ridiculously long study sheet for the final.


I haven't taken tests all semester but every single one of my professors decided we're having actual exams for our finals. How is that fair? I'd rather write a million essays, but of course, my opinion doesn't matter. It's not like I pay for this or anything.

When you're sitting in class after an all-nighter and can't process anything anyone tells you.


At this point, I'm just sitting in class and staring forward, hoping that my professor doesn't call on me because I haven't been listening whatsoever.

When your family asks you what your summer plans are.


I can't get internships because I'm a freshman and I don't have any experience, but I can't get any experience because no one will hire me. So, I guess I'll sit in a corner and cry all summer.

When you're taking your multiple choice final but you somehow have three questions in a row that you answered "A" for.


Being real, tests are more of a mind game than anything else. Even if you don't know the information super duper well, if you know how to take tests and think around how your professor made the test, you'll get a better grade than you think.

When your grades finally come out for the semester.


Again, it's not even like my grades are bad, but I don't even know what my grades are, so they DEFINITELY can't know.

When you're trying to get the perfect shot for your final project for that one communications class.


When explaining our final video project to us, my professor told us that a group of her students shot an action film on the roof of one of our buildings. To this day, no one knows how they actually got up there, but it accurately describes how hard we'll go for the perfect shot.

When I'm preparing to leave New York for three months and I'm trying to enjoy all of the things that are simply just better in New York, like pizza.


Also, the Sbarros at my school is actually kind of OK, but they're getting rid of it next semester. Everyone is upset about it. The struggle is enjoying it while we can but not dying because of carb-overloading.

When you're trying to write all of your final essays and somehow make them all make sense.


Mastering something enough to write a paper on it is daunting enough, but brainstorming and writing essays for five different classes is a new kind of terror. At this point, I feel illiterate and I'm just trying to do my best.

When you're desperately trying to get together your study group for finals amidst all of the other study groups you have to go to.


We're all in this together, right?

Finally, when finals end and you realize you're just dramatic and got good grades anyways.


It's never actually as bad as I'd like to make it seem, but when it's happening I'm still dying.

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