Earth Day is typically celebrated on April 22. But in reality, Earth Day is everyday! You don't have to wait for one day to help the environment. There are so many things you can do to help the environment every day. Here are 11 things you can do.

1. Don't release balloons.

Balloons may be fun, but they can actually have a serious impact on the environment. Birds can get tangled up in them and kill them. Balloons can also become litter when they deflate, and can end up in water and trees.

2. Recycle!

This one's pretty easy. Most schools and workplaces nowadays have recycling bins. These bins also have helpful signs telling you what they can recycle.

3. Turn off lights.

Turning off the lights is good for the environment because it saves electricity. The natural resources that are sources for electricity (coal, gas, oil, etc.) are being depleted. Saving electricity also reduces carbon dioxide emissions from power stations.

4. Reduce car use.

If you're able to, start walking, biking, or using the bus more. This helps reduce the amount of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere.

5. Stop using plastic bags.

Plastic bags are becoming less and less popular nowadays. Stores are now giving customers the option of using paper bags, and are also selling reusable bags. Plastic bags kill many animals. For example, plastic bags that get into the ocean are eaten by sea turtles mistaking them for jellyfish.

6. Turn off your sink when brushing your teeth.

Apparently, people keep the sink on while brushing their teeth. Wasting water is not only bad for your water bill, but it also takes a toll on energy.

7. Cut up your six pack rings

Even when recycling them, it's good to cut up your six pack rings. They can get tangled up in animals, killing them or stunting their growth.

8. Go vegetarian (or at least reduce meat consumption)

The meat industry is one of the biggest contributers to carbon dioxide emissions. Cutting down on meat (or just not eating it entirely) basically tells them that this isn't right and that they need to find ways to be more energy efficient.

9. Use a refillable water bottle

Plastic can cause serious damage to animals. Using a refillable water reduces the amount of plastic in the environment. It also helps you save money on water bottles.

10. Don't waste food

Food costs a lot of energy to make. So why waste it? Wasting food is basically like wasting energy.

11. Get solar panels

Solar panels are a great way to save money and energy!