11 Struggles Every Dog Owner Has
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11 Struggles Every Dog Owner Has

Come on, life is just so much different with dogs.

11 Struggles Every Dog Owner Has
Kelly Shouldice

My family has had at least one dog for my entire life. We have had six dogs, including our current two. We got our Saint Bernard, Emma, just a couple of years ago. Emma is my dog, and she is a very important part of my world. I trained her, and we spend most of our time together. We also have a Basset Hound named Eugene and he is going on 14-years-old. Literally, we have had this dog since I was in second grade and I can’t imagine life without him.

I have lived with dogs my entire life, and I’ve observed some things and I know that I am not alone in these struggles.

1. That adorable puppy is actually a little monster

Seriously, she is going to chew on everything and anything. And if you aren’t paying enough attention, you will find that your precious new baby has peed everywhere.

2. Fur Everywhere

This is especially true when you have a furry dog, but even short-haired dogs shed and it just finds its way into every nook and cranny.

3. Seriously, black clothes aren’t an option.

Even if you take a lint-roller to it, you accumulate more fur just trying to leave your home.

4. The dirt

Say good-bye to white walls because over time all the dirt conveniently hidden in your dog’s fur accumulates. And by over time, I mean throughout the week. And washing walls is no fun.

5. The “occasional” bad behavior

Hun, I KNOW that you were the one who shredded apart the trash.

6. It’s as if all of the rules suddenly disappear as soon as your dog is left alone.

I have caught one of my dogs on my mom’s bed when she knows that it is an off-limits space. I usually find her on it after I come out of the bathroom.

7. Your space is also your dog’s space

My girl has her toys all over the house, and she has decided where she likes to lay down. I sleep with her in my bed, and she expects to be able to stay up there with me. But, I did invite her into my house.

8. No Boundaries

Doggie boundaries are just so much different than human ones. They like their space at times, but they also know how to get our attention.

9. We need to make sure that food is out of their reach

I bring snacks into my bedroom from time to time and I cannot just leave the chips on my bed when I run to the bathroom. I need to dog-proof them by putting them up on a shelf. If I don’t do this, my girl will get into them because mom isn’t around, so it’s okay.

10. All hell breaks loose when your baby is sick

I have been up all night because of my dog’s diarrhea. She woke me up, and we went out every half an hour for eight hours. It’s even scarier when she won’t eat because there could be a million reasons why that is happening. She could just be picky, or she could be dying.

11. Your baby is your world

My dog is the love of my life. I am not exaggerating because I do love her unconditionally and I forgive her for her mistakes because she is a dog and I can’t expect her to be perfect.

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