11 Unmistakable Signs You Grew Up In Harrison, N.Y.

11 Unmistakable Signs You Grew Up In Harrison, N.Y.

No matter where life takes you, Harrison will always be your home.


1. Most of your friends and neighbors were either Italian, Jewish, or Japanese.

This not only meant that you could get a top-notch calzone, bagel, or sushi platter any day of the week, but also that you knew the right way to say mozzarella was "muzzerell," treasured days off school for Jewish holidays, and always chose Pocky as your school snack.

2. To you, a garnet isn't a semi-precious stone, but your rival-town's mascot.

While others may associate garnets with jewelry, to you, they're reminders of all those high-school football games and pep rallies.

3. When you were little, you looked forward to It's Great To Live in Harrison Day each year—mostly for that glorious meatball sub.

Of course, you can't forget the parade or martial showcase either!

4. Your parents always complained about the lack of parking downtown.

Anytime anyone mentioned driving downtown to run errands, you knew to expect a groan about how it was going to take a million years to park.

5. You had at least one friend who went to either Rye Country Day, Hackley, Masters, or Resurrection.

You may not have had a ton of mutual friends or similar schedules, but living in the same town made it easy to find time for each other.

6. You knew exactly where to go to maximize your trick-or-treating efforts.

Everyone knows the best spot in Harrison for trick-or-treating is between the train station and Harrison Avenue Elementary School—the houses are close together there, so you can get more candy in less time.

7. There was one summer when you had a season pass to Playland.

That summer, you went basically every week. And even in the summers when you didn't have a season pass, you still visited Playland at least twice. Having an amusement park in the next town over was a huge perk.

8. You knew someone who belonged to Orienta or Westchester Country Club.

They spent their summer days playing tennis, swimming, enjoying the beach, and putting BLTs on the family tab.

9. You were always confused about why West Harrison was even called Harrison when you had to take the White Plains exit to get there.

Definitely not Harrison.

10. You went to Pizza 2000, Harrison Pizza, or Sofia's.

And the one you went to was vastly superior to the others. You still insist that your favorite place has the best sauce. And cheese. And crust.

11. You will always be a Harrison Husky at heart.

No matter where life takes you, Harrison will always be your home.

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