11 New And Returning Fall TV Shows
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11 New And Returning Fall TV Shows

Time to reschedule your life around your favorite shows...

11 New And Returning Fall TV Shows
TV Guide

One of the best parts of saying goodbye to summer is saying hello to television's fall lineup. This fall there are many phenomenal shows returning to air as well as some new ones. Whether you want comedy or drama or a mix of both, the shows listed below are definitely worth watching...

1. Black-ish (ABC)

Premiere Date: September 21

“All the kids are growing, and I think the great thing in any family show is that you don’t have to make stories contrived, because you actually have a natural growth chart for your family, ... As girls develop faster than boys, we’re seeing our twins starting to have that reflected in their lives. And at the same time you can look at Rainbow, who’s having what now is considered a late in life last child. That impacts the entire family.” -Kenya Barris (Creator)

2. Grey's Anatomy (ABC)

Premiere Date: Thursday, September 22nd

Creator and Executive Producer of Grey's Anatomy, Shonda Rhimes was asked if she could share any Jackson and April spoilers for season 13.... In response, she said, "For April and Jackson, this season will explore 'in a much lighter way,' what it means to be uncoupled, to be divorced, and to have a kid, and how you do that? They’re going to really try to do this in a healthy way, and is that healthy way going to feel so healthy when they still have feelings for each other?"

3. Jane The Virgin (NBC)

Premiere Date: Monday, October 17th

Recently the narrator of the show, Michael Mendez, shared with Bustle that, “This season we might see things possibly steam up with her new relationships," he said, while adding: "I can't say whether that's with Michael or somebody else from her past that's coming in.”

4. Gilmore Girls (Netflix)

Premiere Date: Friday, November 25th

“What I can tell you is that Luke and Lorelai are together. They are figuring out their next steps in life,” says Patterson. “That’s pretty much all I can say.” Which is pretty much all that matters to the Gilmore devoted. Actually, no, we want more. Has Luke changed? “Luke’s not a changer. He resists change. He lives in a very small world that he’s created around himself, that he’s very comfortable in," -Scott Patterson (plays Luke)

5. Chicago PD (NBC)

Premiere Date: Wednesday, September 21

Chicago PD star, Jesse Lee Soffer (Detective Jay Halstead) talked with The Hollywood Reporter about how season 3 ended and where we can expect season 4 to pick up. "Voight, in the last season, he lost his son. And that was hard for all of us, not only to play as actors but we lost Josh [Segarra], a really good actor and a good buddy who came to town every once in awhile, but a good story to have his storyline end in that way. For Voight, he went after the guy on his own. Did Voight kill him? Did he not? We don't know. So the rest of the unit is trying to pick up the pieces and keep their necks above water. Are we going to go down with him for this? Is he going to go down for this? Lindsay's trying to take care of Voight, that's her father figure, and Halstead's trying to make sure that Lindsay doesn’t go down with Voight if that's what ends up happening."

6. Chicago Med (NBC)

Premiere Date: Thursday, September 22nd

In an interview with Yahoo, two executives producers for Chicago Med said that something you’ll learn about a character this upcoming season is "Dr. Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt) might be the Sherlock Holmes of emergency psychiatry, but as he’s launched into Season 2, he’ll quickly find that understanding his own daughters is a mystery he may never solve".

7. Empire (FOX)

Premiere Date: Wednesday, September 21st

“You’ll see in Season 3 more than ever, is that we’re going to slow burn our stories a little bit more. It will always have those big Empire moments, but every moment, every story that we’re telling, is driven by character,....“We really are taking our time with them and, going forward in Season 3, we’re being rigorous with ourselves about earning every moment and giving our characters and our stories time to play out. And I think that you’ll see that in a really satisfying way in our third season.” - Showrunner IIene Chaikene

8. Fresh Off The Boat (ABC)

Premiere date: Tuesday, October 11th

Showrunner Nahnatchka Khan says that the premiere takes the Huangs to Taiwan, where the family members grapple with where they belong. The episode “mirrors what we did in the pilot." It’ll be an eye-opening experience for all of the Huangs, as they deal with “being Asian American and not quite fitting in either place.”

9. Pitch (FOX)

Premiere Date: Thursday, September 22nd

Here is a mini-synopsis for the very first episodes of this new show...

"Ginny Baker is the first woman to play Major League Baseball in PITCH, the inspirational new drama series from Fox. Called up by the San Diego Padres to make her MLB debut, Ginny is catapulted to instant fame. But like any other rookie, she needs to prove herself to her teammates. First and foremost among them is Mike Lawson, the team’s star catcher. The pair also have instant chemistry — something neither of them want to admit."

10. Speechless (ABC)

Premiere Date: Wednesday, September 21st

TV guide praised this new show..."The show marks a bit of a breakthrough for a network sitcom, giving visibility to a special needs kid and the unique challenges his family experiences too. That said, producers want you to know it's not an 'issue' show".

"You hear a logline about a show with a kid with a disability, it sounds like an after-school special," executive producer Scott Silveri said at the Television Critics Association gathering in Beverly Hills Thursday. "We do everything we can to subvert that in the pilot. It's not a lot of navel gazing -- sitting around, 'Woe is me.' That's not what the experience is."

11. Atlanta (FX)

Atlanta premiered just last week...so you can definitely catch up! It is already recieving great reviews.

A TV critic for TheWrap wrote, “Created by and starring Donald Glover, this FX series is a comedy-drama hybrid that glides between sadness, humor and surrealism without compromising any of its distinctive tones. After four episodes, ‘Atlanta’ still shows no clear sign of where it might be going, but that hardly matters — with this much promise, you’ll want to follow wherever it roams.”

With so many great show options this fall, finding the time to watch everything may be overwhelming. If that becomes the case, just remember Thanksgiving and winter breaks will be right around the corner so prepare yourself for binge watching!

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