11 Hidden Gems On The Internet To Explore When Bored
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11 Hidden Gems On The Internet To Explore When Bored

Newsletters, games, and more!

11 Hidden Gems On The Internet To Explore When Bored

The internet. It’s a vast wasteland filled with cat videos and random obscure Reddit forums. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, so many sites and so little time. Fear not! Use this article as a guide to the Internet’s best sites to calm down, laugh or just educate yourself. Don’t let the Internet overwhelm you.

1. Labuat

This website allows you to paint along to a song. Not only is the music super soothing, but the painting is also incredibly relaxing. This website is a perfect stress reliever or quick study break.

2. Now I Know

These days it can seem like there are countless negative pieces of news plaguing your feed. Sign up for the “Now I Know” newsletter and get an email every day with a cool story about something you probably never even knew.

3. A Soft Murmur

Another relaxing tool, this website has a collection of ambient sounds to use as relaxing music before bed or maybe as a soundtrack to study to. From sounds of rain to ocean waves, this website has a relaxing sound for any mood.

4. Think Clearly

Thinking Clearly is a unique kind of newsletter. Each email is a handwritten note and is full of tools to make each day better and brighter. Sign up for some daily inspiration.

5. Discuvver

Use Discuvver to do just that, discover. This website sends you to a randomized, sometimes strange, website for your amusement or enjoyment.

6. theSkimm

Another newsletter, The Skimm is focused on getting everyone all the news in a short and comprehensive package. Check your inbox every Monday through Friday for an update on all the essential goings-on in the world.

7. Jib Jab

If you’ve never used Jib Jab, you’re seriously missing out. This website allows you to create an e-card for any occasion, using the faces of your friends and family on dancing figures. The themes of cards range from Magic Mike-style dancers to goofy elves. Take a few minutes to create a choreographed dance of your loved ones and spread some cheer.

8. Laughing Squid

Another cool website full of intriguing articles and crazy information, Laughing Squid is a blog dedicated to all the coolest information out there. From scientific discoveries to humorous stories, this site has it all.

9. Ted

Everyone loves Ted talks. Visit the official website and gain access to all the information you could ever want. Educate yourself in a new skill or reveal an intriguing truth about the world, all on this website.

10. Bored Panda

This website is full of interesting articles and weird lists of all the Internet has to offer. The website allows submissions as well, and is curated by all kinds of Internet-lovers, so you know the content is good.

11. Addicting Games

We probably all had a phase in middle school when we visited this website on the daily. All your favorite games are still available, and even some new ones. If you’re really feeling bored and nostalgic, return to your original Internet roots with any one of these fun games.
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