10 Trending Halloween Costumes
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10 Trending Halloween Costumes

My guess of what costumes will be overdone this year

10 Trending Halloween Costumes
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We all know them.. those costumes every Halloween that are just originally unoriginal, and yet people wear them regardless. So, how can you avoid being "that guy/girl/couple" this Halloween? Well, fortunately for you, I have complied a list of costumes that will be THE costumes to say no to this Halloween season..

1. Harley Quinn and the Joker

Although the movie reviews of Suicide Squad were not so hot, the fan's reactions to Harley and the Joker were out of this world! Expect to see a lot of single Harley's and couple's costumes with her crazy beau. It's going to be a sea of girls in ripped fishnets and torn t-shirts this year. I'm not going to lie, it's a cute costume. It's just going to be very very very overdone.

2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens characters

The revival of the series brought up interplanetary characters for our own generation to know and love this past December. I'm predicting a lot of Kylo Ren vader outfits, a lot of Rae and Finn garb, and a lot of plays on BB-8 and R2D2 style. Maybe even include Chewbacca and some of the old characters too!

3. Stranger Things

A mix of E.T, It, and the Goonies, this 80's themed TV gives nostalgia to our parents and grandparents while keeping interesting characters and horror that young adults love. I'm expecting a lot of Eleven and Joyce costumes. Not only because they were the two characters with interesting traits but because they have the most defining costumes in the show. I'm predicting a lot of bald and blonde Elevens with the pink dress, blue raincoat, bloody nose and Eggos waffles. Joyce with dark tousled hair and Christmas lights.The rest of the cast is not as easy to dress up as without a group.

4. Killer Clowns

Between the psychopaths who have been tormenting Americans for the past few months and the #clownlivesmatter movement, I expect there to be number of people looking for a scare that may or may not get them arrested. But be warned. If anything on social media is true then there will be plenty of soccer moms ready to taser anyone who comes near their child. Or me.

5. Alexander Hamilton

The musical is one of the highlights of pop culture. They swept the Tony's, breaking records, turmoil was raised when the majority of the original Broadway cast has left, tickets are freaking expensive, a new cast has opened in Chicago this week and Lin-Manuel Miranda has taken over SNL, talk shows and a potential E.G.O.T. winner if his soundtrack for Disney's Moana wins an Oscar this year. The list goes on, really. Not only has Sara Jessica Parker done a nod to the Alexander Hamilton costume at the most recent Met Gala, but I predict many gender bends on Alexander's costume for male and females alike this Halloween. I also predict a couple of Schuyler Sister group costumes as well.

6. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Need I say more about the social media spurred election between the email-deleting grandma and the angry oompa loompa? Both masks are for sale in the nearest store.To complete Hillary's costume just add a pantsuit and smash a computer surver. To complete Trump's: set up a twitter and build a wall.

7. Superheros

Not only did Marvel's Captain America:Civil War come out this year but also D.C.'s Batman vs Superman. I predict a an increase of superhero costumes for Captain America, Iron man, Batman and Superman. Wonder Woman and Bucky too. Basically any superhero who made was featured in either one of these movies is fair game. Then again, the superhero costume fad never really died out to begin with.

8. Deadpool

I didn't think that it would be right to add Deadpool to the Superhero category above because he what he wants. This Marvel character made it big during Valentine's weekend this year with his vulgarity and humor. It also redeemed Ryan Reynold's after his Green Lantern mistake. There are going to be a lot of men rocking the read spandex morph suit and weapons this year.

9. Moana and Elena of Avalor

Moana is coming out in November and many children are excited to see Disney's "Hawaiian Princess". I'm expecting a lot of takes on her islander style for both young adults and children.

Disney has also gotten great feedback on the Disney TV show Elena of Avalor. Aimee Carrero, the voice of Elena, has received praise for her empowering Latina character, and has tweeted her enjoyment of having many messages sent to her of girls who will be dressing up the princess this year.

10. Harambe

The shot gorilla who launched a million memes; I would not be surprised to see nods to the gorilla on t-shirts references for the people who aren't really trying to do a costume this year and maybe even a couple of full-on suits.

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